LBC | Capital Offers MA in Formational Leadership

by Dr. Richard Rhoads

April 11, 2017

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In Partnership with the New Hope International Network and Wayne Cordeiro, New Program Seeks to Form Ministry Leaders for the Digital Age

Ministry leaders in 2017 live, serve and are spiritually formed in an interconnected world. This digital age provides tremendous opportunities while simultaneously creating new unprecedented demands which leaders must face in their work and personal lives. Due to these hyper demands in digital connection, coupled with an underdeveloped spiritual formation, ministry leaders are seeking leadership equipping, soul care and a new way to structure formational ministry for the digital age.

John is one of these individuals. Passionate, driven and well suited for church planting, John pursued his dream. In recent years, John’s dream became reality and a church was planted. That same year, he and his wife welcomed a second child into their young family. According to John, nothing could have been sweeter. However, over the next four years, John found himself in a place of exhaustion. After four years of endless demands to a growing church, responding to an average of 200 plus emails and texts per day and living a life of unlimited digital demands, he simply was done. Sitting in a recliner while attending a spiritual formation retreat, John shared with the attending pastors his brokenness, saying, “My marriage is a mess, I have no time for my children, I model the same unhealthy patterns I tell church members not to live. There has to be another way!”

With ministry leaders exhausted and leaving the church in such significant numbers, it is imperative we evaluate the importance of spiritual formation in regards to the church, its equipping models, and how we train leaders for healthy sustainable ministry within the digital age. In response to this need – the exact need that John echoed – Capital Seminary and Graduate School, the graduate division of Lancaster Bible College, has partnered with author, speaker and pastor Wayne Cordeiro to create a new master’s degree which offers a more holistic approach to leader development. The master of arts in formational leadership is an interconnected, learning community designed to equip globally-minded ministry leaders in holistic self-care, digital age communication, emotional intelligence, formative leadership principles, storytelling and global engagement. This 30 credit degree program seeks to transform individual leaders while setting a course for healthy influence within a global village. Special emphasis on interior development character formation, soul care and practical faith practices will be central to the curriculum.

Ministry leaders who participate will be equipped to evaluate and care for their own soul as the basis for leading and participating in the mission of God in the global church and marketplace. The master of arts in formational leadership will accomplish this transformation through 10 courses, 3 community formation residencies, and personal interaction with key missional, formational and global leaders. This 20 month, 10 course, 3 residency degree will begin in Eugene, Oregon, and ends 20 months later with a community formation residency in Hawaii.

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