1997 LBC Graduate Aiding Ukraine Refugees at Moldova Border

by Christianity Today

March 9, 2022

(Dr. Eugene Cozonac graduated from Lancaster Bible College in 1997 with a bachelor’s degree in Bible within the Christian Education & Discipleship program. LBC | Capital has obtained permission from Dr. Cozonac’s wife as well as Christianity Today to repost and link to this article.)

Moldova Welcomes 100K Ukraine Refugees, With Evangelicals Opening Doors

The neighboring country focuses on hospitality while hoping Russian violence doesn’t cross its border.


Image: Nikolay Doychinov / Getty Images / Published at ChristianityToday.com

Eugene Cozonac has spent the past week focused on refugees.

More than 112,000 have crossed Ukraine’s southwestern border into his home country of Moldova, a landlocked nation that’s not much bigger than the state of Maryland. As a cabinet-level director within the government, Cozonac arranged facilities to receive donations and house refugees—everywhere from exhibition halls and sports complexes to film studios and resorts.

As he worked on Tuesday, his cellphones pinging from companies and volunteers, Cozonac paused to remember a certain group of refugees who had come to the capital city of Chișinău to escape an invasion from Russian-backed fighters: his own family.

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