LBC Offers Human Services Degree at Philadelphia Location

by LBC Marketing

November 9, 2017

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Thanks to Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School’s presence in Philadelphia, students can earn a degree in human services. The program, originally a part of the Center for Urban Theological Studies (now LBC | Capital – Philadelphia) is taught by long-time professional Dr. Patricia Wright at the college’s city location.

Our bachelor’s degree in human services is designed to equip Christian students to go into diverse communities of need as servant-helpers, ministering to the disenfranchised in areas like entry-level social service, community outreach programs, non-profits and more. Students who graduate with this degree can work as a juvenile court liaison, probation officer, behavioral management aide, eligibility worker, case management aide and much more.

LBC’s human services degree is offered through the college’s accelerated undergraduate degrees program, allowing students to concentrate on one 6 week course at a time and earn college credits from our evaluation of their life experiences.

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