LBC Sends a Journey Team to Lebanon: Day 5

by LBC Marketing

July 3, 2019

Posted: July 3, 2019

LBC Sends a Journey Team to Lebanon: Day 5

by LBC Marketing
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Imagine 250 kids wearing colored t-shirts that identify their age group (kindergarten to sixth grade), all ready to board nine buses for a field trip.

Today, our team had the privilege of joining the kids’ field trip to Aleyi Equiclub, which is about an hour from the HFK center. Many of these kids have never stepped outside of their home area or gone on vacation trips due to financial cost. The HFK summer program offers a weekly field trip every Thursday during the summer. Past field trips have included swimming, movies, hiking, zoos, and water parks. Today, the kids went to Aley Equiclub, which is an outdoor adventure park. Our team was split up to assist in shepherding kindergarteners, second graders, and third graders. The staff was appreciative to have extra hands since many of the younger groups only had two leaders with 20-30 kids.

We were very surprised and honored to receive HFK staff t-shirts that had HFK logo on the front and each of our name in the Armenian language written on the back. Again, we are continuously blessed by the generosity of our host, Serop, who has made us feel we belong here.

There were many smiling faces as kids tried pony riding for the first time, getting a ride on an ATV, overcoming their fear of heights by completing the rope course, letting their hair breeze through while on the zip lines, and testing their strength on the climbing wall. Despite the language barrier, the one thing that is a universal language among children is play. Stepping into their world of play through laughter, silly faces, tickling, high-fives and smiling communicates we love them. It gives them a glimpse of hope and light, a bright memory to cherish and hold onto when moments in life becomes dim.

After returning to our hotel, we rested and concluded our evening with dinner together, a visit to a local ice cream and dessert shop, and finally a time of prayer and worship on the hotel rooftop.

While on the hotel rooftop looking at the city lights of Beirut, I see beauty. Too often, we live our lives in fear and tension, which is real to many people, specifically in the Middle East. But, there is beauty and dignity in this country. There is much to learn and to appreciate about Lebanese/Armenian culture and values. There is also a great need for hope in Beirut. So pray for Beirut, my friends. Pray that this city would truly be a city on a hill shining for the glory of God.

LBC Journey Teams travel to the furthest corners of the world to live out the Gospel message. The Lebanon Journey Team is partnering with a health care center in Beruit, Lebanon, to the local at-risk families and Syrian refugees. Follow along with students on the team as they share how God is at work!