LBC Sends a Journey Team to Lebanon: Day 6

by Cheyenne Sensenig

July 4, 2019

Posted: July 4, 2019

LBC Sends a Journey Team to Lebanon: Day 6

by Cheyenne Sensenig
Posted in: Journey Teams

Hello again from Beirut!

This evening as I write, my heart is heavy with the many needs present in this city. Yet, at the same time I am filled with hope and peace, knowing that God is faithful to finish the work that he begins. And he has indeed begun an incredible work here in Lebanon. I can’t think of better words to describe my prayers for this city than the words of this song:

“Bless this city in Jesus’ name

Let Your healing fall like rain

God You gave us everything

May Your church do more than sing

Bless this city in Jesus’ name

Wake up every heart You’ve changed

Help us be Your hands and feet

May Your love flood every street

Father, make us one

Let Your kingdom come in the city

Glorify Your Son

Let Your will be done in the city

In the city

Bless this city in Jesus’ name

Tear down walls we’ve built in vain

Let our kingdoms be replaced

With unity that shows Your face.”

We as a team feel so privileged and honored to come alongside and play a tiny role in the work that God has been doing here, especially through the HKCC (the organization we are partnering with) and their summer school. This morning, we were able to go to the summer school again and presented our Bible lesson to the second-grade class. Then we divided up, and some of our team went with the elementary age kids to play soccer, while the rest of us stayed at the school to help out with the (crazy, but lovable) kindergarteners. I felt exhausted by noon, and I was challenged by the commitment of the teachers, who volunteer their time to run the summer program for seven weeks with no pay. The teachers and staff at the HKCC are truly heroes, working tirelessly in their own community.

Around noon, we walked back to the HKCC office and were privileged to work with the social worker and counselor on some real-life case studies of families they are assisting. We were able to hear about the kinds of situations they are dealing with, and how they are working to bring an awareness of mental health to the people of this community. We were also able to give a bit of input and perspective on some of the cases, and we did our best to encourage and affirm the good work they are doing. On the ground, social work in this context is very difficult, and this community is full of individuals and families with so much trauma. The stories were heavy, but it is encouraging to see what God is doing.

After that, we went with Serop to an incredible cave outside of the city. The huge caverns, blue water, and rock formations were incredible. We had a wonderful time as a team. After coming back to the hotel, we spent some time discussing and processing the day and praying together. Please keep us in your prayers, and continue to pray for the work God is doing here in Lebanon.

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