Learn about Shadey's Rugged Run, a muddy 5K put together by LBC students.


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LBC Students to Host Mud Run

March 10, 2017

Messy doesn’t even begin to describe Shadey’s Rugged Run. Each year, hundreds of people come to Lancaster Bible College’s campus to run through three miles of thick mud, throw themselves off of steep platforms into murky water, crawl under barbed wire and scale mountains of dirt.

Why, exactly, do they do this? The students and faculty in the Health & Physical Education department host this chaotic and charitable race each year for three reasons: first, to raise money for worthy causes – like the Children’s Miracle Network at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital and LBC Athletics; secondly, to give the surrounding community a chance to visit LBC’s campus; and lastly, to give our aspiring sport management students a chance to apply the skills they learned in the classroom to an actual event.

The Health & Physical Education department offers two specialized majors: sports management, which focuses on preparing students for careers in coaching and administering athletic programs and events in corporate, non-profit and ministry settings; and health and physical education, which equips students to teach health and physical education in K-12  public and private schools.

Amanda Dowhen, an assistant professor at LBC, teaches the class that’s responsible for planning Shadey’s Rugged Run – and her students spend an entire semester preparing for the May 6 race day. This year, the race is being held on May 6. To begin, she assigns her students different roles to plan and execute Shadey’s Rugged Run. Ultimately, the students handle nearly every aspect of the event - including marketing, hospitality and reception, registration and obstacle design.

“At the beginning of the course, some of the students are nervous to be in charge of planning such a large event,” said Dowhen. “But by the time the big day arrives, they’ve learned to work together as a team in so many areas – from brainstorming and vetting out ideas, down to actually building some of the obstacles they’ve dreamed up for the course, and even deciding on how much to budget towards the many aspects of the event – that they’re ready to pull it off.” According to Dowhen, the class is carefully designed to teach students about the importance of teamwork, all while providing them a real-world experience in event planning and coordination. “The class is invaluable to our students,” said Randolph. “It provides our students with résumé-ready, professional experience that other students in similar programs don’t have.”

To register for the May 6 race, visit shadeysruggedrun.com

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