Now is Your Chance to Thank a Professor

by Kelsey Madas ('15)

February 8, 2019

Posted in: Alumni

Professors: there’s no one like them. Often, we meet them at one of the most critical and formative times in our lives. Sure, we grumble when we look at the syllabus and see all of the required reading, complain about the homework assignments and dread class presentations, but if we’re honest with ourselves, we know there’s no way we would have graduated (or at least finished a class) without their help. For some of us, they started out just as teachers – maybe even a teacher you didn’t initially even like –  but ended up becoming mentors, colleagues, life-long friends and trusted confidants. 

So now is your chance to thank a professor who impacted you while you studied at Lancaster Bible College, Capital Seminary & Graduate School, Washington Bible College or Capital Bible Seminary. Leave a comment below to let them know just how much their care and instruction meant to you! You never know how much it might touch them.

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  • Gary Drayton says:

    In no particular order: Dr. Freeman Chakara, Dr. James McGahey, and Dr. Barry Packard. I respect them all for different reasons, and admire them all for their extensive knowledge in their fields.

    • Kelsey Madas says:

      Thanks for sharing, Gary! They are all incredible men – we’re blessed to have them as profs! Wishing you all the best.

  • Jocelyn Weitzel Gehman says:

    Dr. Packard- everyone said your classes would be hard, so why did I take a second one? Wonderful learning and experiences in those classes.
    Dr. Soden and Dr. Spender- AMAZING knowledge shared with me studying and discovering in the Old Testament!
    Mr. Hollingsworth- Pushing me to the edge and guiding me through music, reminding me that loving Jesus and following His will is where it’s at…
    Dr. Sidebothom- for suffering through my sight-singing!
    Mrs. Piepgrass- for your love of literature and your insight!
    Dr. Kime- awesome Hermeneutical notes that I still have and read through!
    Dr. Kouterick- you made physics-fun? Truly, the greatest science teacher I have ever had.

  • Victor says:

    Thank You Doc Ayers for being a professor that truly cares for your students. Thank you for all that you have done for me and I know that God has you right where He wants you.
    Thank You Dr. Rick Rhoads for being a professor that also cares but is someone to talk to and have laugh with. It’s always a pleasure getting to see you.

  • Clarissa says:

    Dr. Ayers! Having one freshman class with him has to a [hopefully lifelong] mentorship and friendship. I cannot adequately express my gratitude for him, & the influence and rock he has been in my life.
    Mrs. Menga <3 Someone who is so intelligent and well-versed in her field, but who goes 10 extra miles to care for and advocate for her students. The TESOL degree would not be what it is without her knowledge and care.
    Professor Zimmerman – someone full of experiences that she loves to casually mention at the most unexpecting times. Sitting in her class & hearing her perspectives was often 10x better than the majority of sermons I've heard. I appreciate her intelligence, kindness, & intentionality.
    Annnd Prof. Churchville. Need I say more? 😉 I SO appreciate his treating us "like adults" in the ways he challenges us and really listens. He's an exciting, thought-provoking professor and altogether a joy in class.
    Dr. Kouterick – thank you for helping us make it through A&P! I appreciated all of your analogies as well as your patience and grace with us when you saw we were really trying.

  • Sharon Spender says:

    Thank you to…

    Mr. Hicks: For teaching me almost as much about Johnny Cash as you did about Biblical Hermeneutics. (Like a two-for-one deal, you know?)

    Dr. Kouterick: For thinking up creative ways to give us extra credit on exams, like being able to name all your kids in order. (I still remember them, by the way.)

    Dr. Good: For scaring me so much that I decided I had better make friends with you to get on your good side! And for cutting up an industrial toilet paper roll… with your chainsaw… in class. You win the prize for ‘most unforgettable teacher’, hands down.

    Mr. Lincoln: (Are you Dr. Lincoln now?) For not flunking me out of Fly Fishing class even though my flies were never tied exactly right. (And for giving me the privilege of being able to say I had a class that let me go out fishing all day.)

    Dr. Kime: For making me terrified of not passing Greek Grammar 1 & 2, and for the boatload of homework you gave us over Christmas break… I learned more in those two semesters than I ever have.

    Mrs. Menga: For letting all of us come over to hang out so often, and for the most fun, educational, and relevant classes I’ve ever had that opened up so many doors for me later on. (And for giving me an “A” for effort, if not for skill) 😉

    Dr. Spender: For giving a superb class on Isaiah. I think it was my favorite of my Bible classes. (Not that I’m a biased relative or anything, of course!)

    Dr. DeVries: For being so kind and telling me that my completed math assignments in Astronomy were “good enough for government work” instead of saying they were done terribly, which they were.

    Mr. Shelley: For your witty commentary on what the people in various situations in the book of Acts must have been thinking — there was never a dull moment.

    Mrs. Thompson: For letting me make origami and paper dolls for extra credit in math class — I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have passed otherwise!

    • Kelsey Madas says:

      Sharon, thank you for sharing all of those fond memories! It’s evident how much they impacted you. Praying a blessing over you now!

  • Kathy says:

    My first thought is now known to our family as Grandma Penny, Dr. Clawson. More than a professor, she’s been a lifelong mentor to me as a teacher, wife and mom. She continues to challenge and encourage me in my walk with Jesus. Our kids have received the blessing of interacting with her as well.
    Mrs. Fisher, Dr. Dick, Mrs. Allshouse, and Dr. Tucker influenced so much of my teaching philosophy. Dr. Sidebothom. Mr. Feder in accounting. Mr. Hoover in math, both as a student and a grad assistant.
    Dr. Ide. Dr. Nichols. Dr. Packard. Dr. Roper. I start naming and realize I could just keep going. Sounds cheesy, but it’s true. I’m thankful for so many professors at LBC.

  • Bethany Fethkenher says:

    Professor Deb Hinkel- Her words of wisdom echo in my head daily.
    Dr. Nichols- One of the smartest, most articulate people I know. Whom God has gifted with the ability to bring theology down to an understandable level.
    Library Staff- You were my stable home when I was a student. Thanks for being there for me. And letting me become library staff now!

  • Mandi Wissler says:

    Wow, this is hard! I wouldn’t have had the courage to change my major to Women in Christian Ministry if it wasn’t for Mrs. Hinkel. She had an amazing impact on my life over the years.

    I’ll never forget when Dr. Ayers let us pick a date, and he read us his prayer journal from that day. He taught truthfully and honestly from real life.

    Both of these professors and many more from my 4 years at LBC, made and are still making an impact in my life!

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