She’s 24, The Deputy Press Secretary for a Major U.S. Government Agency – and a LBC Grad

by LBC Marketing

December 19, 2017

Posted: December 19, 2017

She’s 24, The Deputy Press Secretary for a Major U.S. Government Agency – and a LBC Grad

by LBC Marketing
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Evelyn Stauffer (’14) has always had a heart for serving the Lord and for missions. “My dream has always been to enter the corporate mission field and spread God’s love in unlikely places,” explained Stauffer, a graduate of Lancaster Bible College’s communication program. So when 24-year-old Stauffer landed a job as the Deputy Press Secretary for a U.S. government agency just a few years after she graduated, it felt like a God-send – and perhaps, a bit overwhelming.

Being in a mid-level position at such a young age comes with a lot of responsibility. “On a daily basis, I’m dodging potential land mines and hoping I don’t accidentally touch one.” said Stauffer. Day-to-day, her job seems a lot like a typical public relations gig – she fields media inquiries, writes press releases, develops social media content and explains the communication strategy to senior level staff. But Stauffer says that living out her life as a Christian in secular workplace – especially among the political elite in Washington D.C. – can be challenging. “The biblical education I received at LBC helped me to form and cling to my beliefs in the workplace,” said Stauffer of her experience at the college. “Without that biblical foundation, it’s easy to lose sight of what is most important in this life.”

According to Stauffer, her studies in communication were critical to her success as a PR professional. “The communication degree at Lancaster Bible College taught me real life skills, like how to write a press release and how to interact with the media,” she explained, “But most importantly, my education gave me critical thinking skills – a trait every supervisor is looking for.”

But her time at LBC went beyond just teaching her skills for a career. “One of the most impactful parts of my studies at LBC was going on missions trips,” she explained. “I went to South Africa and the Philippines on Journey Teams to teach at soccer camps and Vacation Bible Schools. Those experiences gave me the opportunity to disciple and make lifelong friendships.”

Most of all, says Stauffer, she remembers LBC as a place where she was cared for and invested in. “When I think of Lancaster Bible College, I think of a place filled with love,” she said. “Love for education, love for people, and most importantly, a lasting-love for Christ.”

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