LBC Health & Wellness Focuses on ‘Wellness Challenges’ and ‘Health Talks’

by LBC Marketing

November 7, 2022

Lancaster Bible College Health & Wellness is focusing on several new initiatives this fall to help spread the word about physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health.

First, during the week of Nov. 7-11, the college’s Wellness Team will work to empower students to live a holistic life through “Charger Wellness Challenges.” Each day, students will be asked to participate in a different challenge:

  • Monday, Nov. 7—a physical challenge
  • Tuesday, Nov. 8—a spiritual challenge
  • Wednesday, Nov. 9—an emotional challenge
  • Thursday, Nov. 10—a social or cultural
  • Friday, Nov. 11—overall challenges come together for holistic health

The Wellness Team will help an LBC | Capital employee choose a challenge. The featured staff member or the day will spin a special wheel, then perform the challenge he or she lands on. The challenges may range from journaling or prayer to a short exercise or reflection. The college employee will then film their challenge, which will be posted on the college’s Instagram Stories.

Students who participate in the daily Charger Wellness Challenges will have opportunities to win prizes. Watch the college’s Instagram account Nov. 7-11 to see the challenges.

Secondly, this academic year, LBC Health & Wellness began hosting monthly Health Talks about topics that are central to college students. The first installment, “De-stress—I Can’t Stress It Enough,” kicked off the series on Oct. 11 over a group lunch.

“Health and wellness is a key contributor to thriving as a college student,” said Tricia Schlegel, RN, BSN, FCN, Director of Health & Wellness at LBC. “Students can study hard, excel in their classes and land a perfect internship, but if they lack knowledge on how to live a balanced life, their success may take an unnecessary toll on them as they try to navigate in an ever increasingly complex world.”

Future Health Talks include the following topics:

  • 8—Energy Drinks 101
  • 10—Vaping: Safer Than Smoking?
  • 14—Dating: When It’s Not All Hearts and Rainbows
  • March 14—Healthy Eating and Body Image
  • April 11—Women’s Health: The Good, Bad and Ugly (women only)

“Offering safe places where students can ask questions about hard topics like addiction, mental health, diet or relationships help to empower students to make educated decisions for themselves,” Schlegel added. “Developing their physical, spiritual and emotional muscle during these formative years is important to not only succeed in college but also to have the tools necessary to live a full, healthy life.”

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