What is Lancaster County’s Extraordinary Give?

by LBC Marketing

November 12, 2019

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If you happen to follow almost any non-profit on social media, drive around downtown Lancaster or read the newspaper, you’ve probably seen a lot of Extraordinary Give posts, billboards and advertisements cropping up. But what, exactly, is the Extraordinary Give?

Since 2012, the Lancaster County Community Foundation has spearheaded this annual November event, widely billed as “Lancaster, PA’s Large Day of Online Giving.” And that is no understatement. In 2018, the Extraordinary Give helped to raise nearly $180,000 for LBC’s Community Scholarship Fund! That funding allowed 180 students to be sponsored. Check out the Lancaster County Community Foundation’s video below.

During this one-day event, which starts and ends at midnight, anyone can donate to participating organizations – including, of course, Lancaster Bible College – by giving through the Extraordinary Give’s website. To make this all even better, your gift is stretched and multiplied through matching grants and bonuses all day. And this year, we’re hoping to raise even more  – enough to sponsor 200 students! 100 percent of the donations given to LBC during the event will go directly toward our Community Scholarship Fund that empowers our students receiving a life-changing education at LBC.

So, mark your calendars – and set your alarms – for midnight on November 22 and go to lbc.edu/extragive to donate. On your mark, get set, give!

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