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Why Earn a Master’s Degree in Bible Exposition through Capital Seminary & Graduate School?

Know and Communicate God’s Word

If you want to grow in your ability to more accurately understand the Bible, to more appropriately apply the Bible to your life and culture, and to more clearly and creatively communicate the Bible, this program is for you.

Each week both professional and lay Christian ministers, who are tasked with preaching and teaching God’s Word, engage in a two-fold journey. First, they journey from the contemporary world back to the biblical world (interpretive journey). Second, they journey back from the biblical world to the contemporary world (communicative journey). Thus, Christian ministers need to know how to interpret and communicate God’s Word. To do so with integrity, they need to know how to accurately interpret God’s Word. To do so with relevancy, they need to know how to appropriately apply God’s Word to a contemporary audience. This particular concentration in Bible exposition and expository preaching is designed to prepare the Christian minister to both interpret the Word accurately and communicate the Word relevantly. While heavier weight is given to the interpretive journey in the concentration, ample time is given to the communicative journey.

This concentration effectively equips pastors, elders, lay teachers, youth leaders, and para-church leaders who desire to sharpen their skills for expository communication of the scriptures.

What Makes our Program Different?

The program is delivered online and in a blended/accelerated model that allows life-engaged adult learners to complete an advanced degree without uprooting life at home and work. A typical course is 8 weeks in length. Additionally, because of our partnership with Faithlife, we are able to provide you with a Logos Bible Software package worth over $4,000 for a fraction of the cost, and already built into the cost of M.A.B.S., M.A.M., and M.Div. programs. Capital is committed to equipping students with the skill-set needed for successful ministry in the 21st century. We believe this includes taking full advantage of the technologies that are relevant and applicable to their context. The Capital Logos Package combines a custom-designed library of exegetical resources and the powerful tools of Logos Bible Software. This combination will aid our students in being faithful to the Biblical text as they navigate the demands of life and ministry. Additionally, you can:

  • Earn your degree from a college that the Wall Street Journal ranked 3rd in the nation for career preparation.
  • Study at an accredited Bible college.
  • Learn from experienced and caring faculty who actively serve in ministry.

Other Concentration Offered:

Your Journey

Program Credits: 48

Locations: Lancaster, Washington, D.C., Online (Jan 2022),

Average Completion Time: 1 ½ – 2 years

Cost Per Credit: $535


Capstone Option: Research project, 2 additional elective course OR field-based experiences

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“All scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness…” – 2 Timothy 3:16–17

In This Program, Students Will Develop…

  • A foundational knowledge of the narrative, content, and interpretation of the Bible for the purposes of the development of a biblical worldview.
  • The skill sets necessary in effectively communicating the Scriptures.
  • The skills necessary in the process of personal spiritual formation and discipleship of others.
  • The character and competencies necessary to be an authentic servant leader.
  • The skills necessary to study the Bible using the tools of biblical interpretation and language study.
  • Experiential learning and research skills for maintaining life-long education.


MABS in Bible Exposition (48 Credits)

Biblical and Theological Studies:12 Credits
Ministry Praxis:6 Credits
Biblical Languages: 12 Credits
Concentration Courses:  12 Credits
Open Electives:6 Credits

View the CATALOG for the complete curriculum plan, course descriptions, and further detail about this program.

Hear from a Student: Master's

Doug Logan.

“I chose Capital because it was accessible, affordable, practical and theologically solid. It was a balanced, comprehensive program that fit my life. I was also learning things that I was able to apply immediately. I came out of the class on The Life & Work of the Leader and taught it to my elders within a week!”

– Doug Logan (’16)

Meet the Faculty

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Douglas Finkbeiner, Ph.D.

Professor and M.A.B.S. Director

“It is my great joy to know Christ and to minister His Word to others for His glory.” — Dr. Finkbeiner

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Samuel Harbin, D.Min.

Professor, Chair of Bible & Theology Department

“I want my students to deeply appreciate the importance of the gospel for every aspect of their life and ministry.” — Dr. Harbin

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Daniel Carver, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Bible & Theology

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Mark Farnham, Ph.D.

Professor, MABS in Christian Apologetics Program Director

“Young pastors face a far more complex world than previous generations, so be sure you get the best possible preparation for ministry.” — Dr. Farnham

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Gordon Gregory, D.Th.

Professor of Bible & Theology, Faculty Athletic Representative

“Theology is critical because God’s goal for his children is conformity to Christ and one of God’s chief means of transforming us into the image of Christ is knowledge of the truths of Scripture.” — Dr. Gregory

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Albin Huss, Ph.D.

Professor of Bible & Theology

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Victor Jacobs, Ph.D.

Professor of Bible & Theology

“I want my students to learn to fix their gaze on our Risen Savior, even as they deepen their understanding of His word.” — Dr. Jacobs

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Joe Kim, Ph.D.

Professor of Bible & Theology

“I want my students to know that learning doesn’t end in the classroom – it is where it begins.” — Dr. Kim

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Mark Meyer, PhD

Professor, PhD in Biblical Studies Program Director

“I aim to see each student equipped, enlightened and strengthened for their high calling to ministry.” — Dr. Meyer

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Timothy Nicholls, Ph.D.

Professor of Bible & Theology

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Tony Shetter, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

“Biblical higher education is important for the proper handling of God’s Word.” – Dr. Shetter

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John Soden, Ph.D.

Professor of Bible & Theology

“My motivation for teaching can best be summarized by Paul’s words in Colossians 1:28 – “Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ” (ESV).  — Dr. Soden

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