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Why Earn a Master's Degree in Cultural Engagement through Capital Seminary & Graduate School?

Reach the World for Christ

Christians today often struggle to engage our rapidly changing and diverse culture. At Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School, our cultural engagement program equips students to understand culture biblically and theologically and to engage in cultural communication effectively. This concentration provides a bridge from the theological training which is the foundation of the traditional seminary program to the world beyond the walls of the church.

Graduates of this program will develop a theology of culture and be equipped to apply that theology to church and personal ministry that reaches into their community. In this master's degree, we'll examine the relationship between christianity and culture. This program will be helpful any vocation or ministry where engagement with culture is important. In addition to training in biblical and theological studies, this degree program equips individuals to engage the diverse worldviews that are encountered in the contemporary world. It also enables them to provide support to Christians in their diverse vocations outside the church context. Finally, it helps individuals understand the various cultural trends and issues that shape our secular and religious worlds and to respond to those issues with biblical and theological wisdom. The goal is to create leaders who can impact and transform both the church and society.

What Makes our Program Different?

The program is delivered in a blended, accelerated, cohort-based model that allows life-engaged adult learners to complete an advanced degree without uprooting life at home and work. Students participate in a learning community that blends online education with in-class residencies. A typical course is 6 weeks in length and is comprised of 5 weeks of online work and two days of residency. Additionally, because of our partnership with Faithlife, we are able to provide you with a Logos Bible Software package worth over $4,000 for a fraction of the cost, and already built into the cost of M.A.B.S., M.A.M., and M.Div. programs. Capital is committed to equipping students with the skill-set needed for successful ministry in the 21st century. We believe this includes taking full advantage of the technologies that are relevant and applicable to their context. The Capital Logos Package combines a custom-designed library of exegetical resources and the powerful tools of Logos Bible Software. This combination will aid our students in being faithful to the Biblical text as they navigate the demands of life and ministry. Additionally, you can:

  • Earn your degree from a college that the Wall Street Journal ranked 3rd in the nation for career preparation. 
  • Study at an accredited Bible college.
  • Learn from experienced and caring faculty who actively serve in ministry.

Other Concentrations Offered:

“All scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness . . . ” - 2 Timothy 3:16–17

In This Program, Students Will…

  • A foundational knowledge of the narrative, content, and interpretation of the Bible for the purposes of the development of a biblical worldview.
  • The skill sets necessary in effectively communicating the Scriptures.
  • The skills necessary in the process of personal spiritual formation and discipleship of others.
  • The character and competencies necessary to be an authentic servant leader.
  • The skills necessary to study the Bible using the tools of biblical interpretation and language study.
  • Experiential learning and research skills for maintaining life-long education.

Curriculum Plan

MABS in Cultural Engagement (48 Credits)

Biblical and Theological Studies: 12 Credits
Ministry Praxis: 6 Credits
Biblical Languages:  12 Credits
Concentration Courses:   12 Credits
Open Electives: 6 Credits

View the CATALOG for the complete curriculum plan, course descriptions, and further detail about this program.

Hear from a Student:  Master's


"I chose Capital because it was accessible, affordable, practical and theologically solid. It was a balanced, comprehensive program that fit my life. I was also learning things that I was able to apply immediately. I came out of the class on The Life & Work of the Leader and taught it to my elders within a week!"

- Doug Logan ('16)

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Carl Sanders

Program Director, MABS in Cultural Engagement

"quote needed" — Dr. Sanders

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Dr. Samuel Harbin

Chair of Bible & Theology Department

"I want my students to deeply appreciate the importance of the gospel for every aspect of their life and ministry." — Dr. Harbin

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