Master of Arts Professional Counseling Degree

Offered at the Lancaster PA Campus and Greenbelt MD Site

The Need

At Capital Seminary and Graduate School (Capital), we realize the desperate need in our country for expertly trained Christian graduate students to serve the burgeoning mental health concerns in the church and society. There is much spiritual ground to be gained and lost in this battle for the minds of God’s flock and hearts of those for whom He is still a stranger. As our country continues to move away from biblical Christianity, we believe this type of training is more crucial than ever before.

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The Response

A premier, unique professional counseling master’s program, founded on a Christian view of persons (e.g. Integrative Psychotherapy Model), the Master of Arts in Professional Counseling (MAPC) program caters to working professionals, parents of school‐age children, and recently graduated traditional students.

  • Delivering a quality education while valuing students’ time—maximizes students’ time spent on campus while offering flexibility with distance learning components.
  • Utilizing cutting edge technology, while intricately balancing student learning needs for both the art and science of the field of Professional Counseling.
  • Equipping graduates to sit for state licensure exams and practice in a number of diverse professional domains within the field.
  • Faculty who are ethically and personally committed to helping students accurately understand themselves.

"The flexibility of having classes every other weekend and not through the week is helpful to work fulltime and still be in school. Plus, having classes with online activities meant that I didn't need to come to campus as much."

Danielle, 2015 MAPC grad

Distinct from local and regional faith‐based graduate programs in Professional Counseling, the MAPC Program at Capital provides well-rounded theoretical and applied training germane to the scholarly discipline. Mid‐way through the program, students are able to choose a Concentration in Marriage and Family Counseling (MFC),  Mental Health Counseling (MHC), or Addictions Counseling (AC). Since both tracks are invaluable, we have designed the curriculum so that a student can receive training in both without any additional coursework.

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As faculty, we are ethically and personally committed to helping students accurately understand themselves, in order to then be able to understand and serve their clients. Owing to the aforementioned unique programmatic facets, current students and alumni are quick to voice the convenience and scholarly reputation of the program.


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MAPC Program Director

Dr. Ryan Kuehner

Holding a doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Ryan Kuehner, PhD considers himself fortunate to serve students as Associate Professor, Coordinator of the MAPC Program, and Chair of the Counseling Social Work Department at Capital. Whether through ongoing research projects, student instruction and advisement, clinical practice, curriculum development, admissions management, or accreditation endeavors, Dr. Kuehner brings a wealth of scholarly and practical knowledge toward the goal of maintaining and growing a premier graduate program. Along with his colleagues, Dr. Kuehner is enthused to forge ahead in training students in both the art and the science of Integrationist Theory. Areas of instruction for Dr. Kuehner encompass psychopharmacology, abnormal psychology, professional ethics, applied counseling techniques, theories of personality, and advanced applied research practicum. Dr. Kuehner has been married for 12 years; he and his wife have three children.

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