About the Counseling & Career Center (C3)

Why C3@LBC?:

The Counseling and Career Center at Lancaster Bible College exists to provide comprehensive, biblically based services to students so as to effectively serve Christ in the Church and society. C3 offers services in two key areas:
1. Counseling Services
2. Career Services.


It is the mission of C3 to help break down the barriers of success and help each student grow and develop into the man or woman God has planned for their life.

What does it Cost?

The cost is free for LBC undergraduate.

Where is C3 located?

The third floor of the Charles Frey Academic Center.

Recent student feedback on counseling services at C3@LBC:

  • “Helpful; Loving; God Centered; Supportive; Understanding.”
  • “Confidential; Empowering; Helps to ease my load; Encouraging and Helpful.”
  • “Like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders; Allows me to focus more on my schooling/ education and less of the burdens that hold me back.”
  • “The main thing is they listen, and when they speak it is from the heart. It helps me to talk through my issues, my emotions, and prioritize what i need to focus on.”
  • “It helps me sort through my emotions, making things in my life more understandable. It helps me challenge my distorted thinking and see things more clearly. I appreciate how challenged and encouraged I am because of it as well!”
  • “Points out to me the things that I’ve never realized about myself and my struggle I’m going through, look forward to talking to someone who doesn’t judge and can relate to my struggle on a Godly, reality level.”

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