Mission Statement

The Counseling & Career Center at Lancaster Bible College (C3@LBC) exists to provide comprehensive, biblically based services to traditional undergraduate students so as to effectively serve Christ in the Church and society. C3 offers services in two key areas: Counseling and Career.


Our goal first and foremost is to provide individual and group counseling for the students of Lancaster Bible College.  Our counselors are approachable and will take an interest in your concerns.  We anticipate 20-25% of students at LBC could benefit from participating in some form of individual or group counseling.
In addition, we place an emphasis on continued training for our staff to assure that each student in counseling receives competent care.


Education is also an important function for us, which we provide in a number of ways. In fact, counseling itself is in part educational. This is especially true when working with young adults.  Many of the concerns college students bring to counseling are developmental in nature and education helps them resolve many of those issues.
We are involved in the training of residence life staff each year.  The Resident Assistants participate in workshops to enhance listening skills, confronting skills, and crisis intervention.  We also provide in-class presentations on a variety of topics as requested by faculty.


You may not want nor need a counseling experience, but you may have a question about how to handle a difficult roommate, a situation at home, or a sticky relationship. You can simply request to meet with a counselor for a “one-time consult.”
We also offer consultations for faculty and staff who may be concerned about a student they come in contact with frequently; perhaps in a class or the residence hall.

Crisis intervention

At times throughout the year a student may find themselves in a crisis. Perhaps a family member has become seriously ill or has died, or a student feels hopeless or suicidal. Whatever the situation, having someone to help manage this crisis is important.
Faculty is briefed on intervention and introductory counseling procedures to help manage the situation until a health professional arrives to assess the student. Our counselors are available and trained to assist individuals experiencing a time of crisis.