Note From the Director

Message to students:

I do hope that you will consider the Counseling & Career Center (C3@LBC) as a resource for you during your time at LBC.  If you are reading this page, something has intrigued you about counseling. Whether it is related to a personal issue, career questions, or concern for a friend, feel free to read a bit more and check out what we have to offer.

And of course if you’d like to speak to a counselor, even if only for a consultation, or maybe for a series of sessions…please stop by C3@LBC, on the 3rd floor of the Charles Frey Academic Center.  Let us be a resource for you.

Message to parents:

College is an important time of growth and maturity for your student.

Our professionally trained staff personnel, all committed Christian therapists, are aware of many of the struggles facing college students and we are here to support them.  They are also parents and understand the difficult balance of wanting to give your children the space to mature but also know that necessary supports are in place to help them succeed.  If you notice your son or daughter struggling with college adjustment, or perhaps from a series of difficulties present even before coming to LBC, do not hesitate to suggest a visit to our office.  If you have any questions browse through this website for more information about our services.

If you cannot find the answer to the question you have, don’t hesitate to email the Counseling & Career Center,  Or if you believe you are dealing with an emergency situation and need assistance, contact me directly at 717.560.7071 ext. 5581.  In any event, know that we are here, we care about our students, and that we want to help.

Message for Prospective/Incoming Students:

OK…so you’re thinking about coming to Lancaster Bible College, or you’ve decided to come to Lancaster Bible College. Maybe you have struggled with depression or anxiety.  Perhaps you have an eating disorder, or are wondering if you’ll make it away from home.  Well, you need to know that the counselors at C3@LBC are here to speak to you about most any concern you may have.

Whether you make an appointment for one visit simply to talk over a frustration, or whether you sign up for a number of sessions throughout the semester, your counselor will be a confidential source for you on campus.   So stop by and take advantage of this resource…all free of charge.

If you are reading this, you are already on our website.  So, browse a bit and learn more about our services.  And by the way…Welcome to Lancaster Bible College!

What’s your next step?