Why Counseling?

Students seek counseling for several reasons including high stress levels, loneliness, depressed or sad mood, lack of concentration, poor eating habits, difficulty adjusting to new surroundings, financial concerns, relationship problems, and worries about all of these and other things!

The Counseling and Career Center is focused on providing counseling to students that have areas of their lives that disturb the regular balance of life. We exist to tear down those obstacles so that the students can effectively serve Christ in the Church and society. Here are six reasons why counseling is effective.

1. No Matter How Disturbing the Subject, the Counselor Will Still Be Engaged

When you share uncomfortable information with friends or family, their natural reaction may be to withdraw or run away. A counselor is able to stay in the room, physically, emotionally, relationally, and personally—even in the midst of difficult topics.

2. A Counselor Will Not Judge

A counselor won’t shame or judge your actions. He or she is there to help you understand how you got into this situation, why you made the decisions you made, and the best way to make things right.

3. A Counselor Has Empathy, Insight, Understanding, and Acceptance

A counselor does more than blindly listen. He or she has the desire and ability to hurt with you without getting lost in that hurt. That’s called empathy.

In the midst of that empathy, they will have tools and ideas to help you navigate through some of the difficult situations you find yourself in.

Your counselor knows how to listen with understanding. They get all the information first (or as much as possible) so they have a complete picture of the situation.

Since a counselor cannot change the past, they will help you learn how to accept the situation as it is, accept yourself unconditionally, and accept the next steps in the process.

4. Counselors Give You the Opportunity to Speak the Unspeakable

Sometimes, things that are so difficult to talk about that you carry them around for years. They weigh on you, causing emotional, relational, and physical problems. When you reach the point where you can no longer carry the secret, a counselor will be able to listen to your story and help you figure out what to do.

5. Counselors Provide a Safe Environment to be a Mess

Looking at the heavy stuff in your life can be messy.

Because the counseling relationships are confidential and protected, you can stop worrying about how you look or who will see you. You are protected, sheltered, and cared for as you start to experience the appropriate emotions that come along with difficult situations.

6. A Counselor Can Safely Be Used as a Transference Object Without Counter-Transference Getting in the Way

Transference is when a client has strong feelings towards their counselor.

Counter-Transference is when the counselor has strong feelings towards their client.

What’s your next step?