In Class

In Class

eQuip Courses will be offered at our Lancaster campus and at our Washington DC location.

  • Lancaster courses run on Tuesday evenings from 6–10 pm for 5 weeks. (Students will be auditing regular college classes)
  • Washington DC courses run on Monday evenings from 6:30–8:30 pm for 5 weeks.

Enrollment is $99 with a group discount and LBC | Capital alumni discount of $49 available.

Here is the schedule for 2019:


Lancaster Course Schedule

Location: 901 Eden Road, Lancaster PA 17601

Aug 20 – Sept 17
  • Bible Track: Christian Narrative I: Creation & Fall
  • Lay Counseling Track: TBA

Oct 1 – 29
  • Bible Track: Christian Narrative II: Redemption
  • Bible Track: American Religious History
  • Bible Track: Biblical Hermeneutics
  • Bible Track: Christian Ethics
  • Lay Counseling Track: TBA

Nov 12 – Dec 10
  • Bible Track: Prelude to Biblical & Theological Studies
  • Bible Track: Wisdom Literature
  • Lay Counseling: Group Dynamics and Interpersonal Relationships

Washington Course Schedule

Location: 7852 Walker Drive, Suite 100 Greenbelt, MD 20770

Aug. 19—Sept. 23
  • Bible Track: Poetical Books of OT
    This course is an overview survey of the wisdom books of the Old Testament, focusing primarily on the poetry of Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon. The course content includes introductions to the various books, characteristics of Hebrew poetry, discussion of selected passages and a broad overview of major theological themes in Old Testament wisdom literature.
  • Leadership Track: Building and Leading Teams
    Teams are known to achieve incredible results when they function effectively. However, ineffective leadership can turn teams into a battlefield. This course is designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to build and lead teams to accomplish the desired goals and mission of the organization.
    ­  Topics to be covered include: (i) The concept of teams. (ii) Types of teams. (iii) Principles of team formation. (iv) Stages in the life of a team. (v) Team spirit and (vi) team leadership.

Sept. 30—Oct. 28
  • Bible Track: Major Prophets of OT
    This course will be a survey of the Old Testament Major Prophets (Isaiah-Daniel) with special focus on the historical setting, content, message and use in the New Testament.
  • Christian Education Track: Organizing and Leading a CE Ministry
    Intentional, strategic planning and effective leadership is critical for your Christian Education Ministry. Discover and analyze the needs of your unique congregation and discuss the key objectives desired for a transformational and impactful ministry. Discuss characteristics of effective leadership and the process of selecting church leaders. Review a 3-yr. strategic plan for a CE ministry; examine its components and the Biblical basis for its structure and development.
  • Leadership Track: P3 Leadership Skills:  Purpose, Power, and Productivity
    The course, P3 Leadership Skills: Purpose, Power, and Productivity, will motivate students to create an empowering culture in their respective organizations by creating a purpose statement that inspires followers; by understanding how moving from an autocratic leadership style to a facilitative style can foster organizational behavior that generates positive power and productivity to move the organization forward.

Oct. 1 – Oct. 29
  • Apologetics Track: The Qur’an & Hadith: An Examination of Islamic Religious Sources
    This class will introduce the student to the key Islamic source books of the Muslim faith, namely the Qur’an and Hadith.  The general historical framework and context of Islamic studies are presented, starting from the Arabia (before Islam), to the life of Mohammed, and the modern resurgence of Islamic fundamentalism today.

Nov. 11—Dec. 9
  • Bible Track: Minor Prophets of OT
    This course will be a survey of the literature, events, and message of the Minor Prophets (Hosea-Malachi), and will include the historical context, and basic geography of the Minor Prophets.
  • Christian Education Track: Enlisting, Training, and Mentoring a Volunteer CE Workforce
    Discuss the necessity for recruiting, training and mentoring a team of volunteers who work together to provide services to the CE Ministry. Through collaboration, students understand the need for a recruiting plan and draft a needs assessment survey and training series to equip volunteer teachers and other leaders in the ministry.
  • Leadership Track: Vision Casting and Mission Mining
    Teams or organizations which have visionary leaders are known to perform better than those led by people with no vision. A clear vision that is well articulated motivates followers to commit their all for the cause. In this course, students will be equipped to understand the concept of vision and its role in motivating team members. They will also learn how to cast a captivating vision and through it elicit the full commitment and dedication of their followers and team members.
    ­  Topics to be covered include: (i) Concept of vision and mission (ii) Articulating your vision. (iii) Promoting a buy-in to vision by the team (iii) Ensuring congruence between vision, mission and strategies. (iv) The vision caster, and (v) living out the vision.

Nov. 12 – Dec. 10
  • Apologetics Track: Islamic Law, Culture, Beliefs and Practice
    This class will help students understand the basic meaning of Islamic (Shari’a) law in relation to the daily life of a Muslim.  It will introduce the student to the legalistic nature of Islam in relation to its basic theology and the interweaving of Law with culture, beliefs, and practice.

Jan. 6—Feb. 10, 2020
  • Bible Track: How to Study the Bible
    This course is an introduction to the principles and practice of interpreting the Bible.  The course introduces students to key principles of Bible study and then provides guidelines for applying these principles to determine the author’s originally intended meaning. Students learn how to integrate electronic tools into the process. The course concludes with suggestions on how to determine the relevance of these original thoughts to our own lives.
  • Bible Track: Survey of the Gospels
    This course surveys the life of Jesus Christ as presented in the four Gospels.  Special emphasis is given to the chronology of events, the major discourses, the important critical issues and present-day applications.
  • Christian Education Track: Curriculum Review, Adaptation, and Development
    The Christian Education curriculum used in your CE Ministry should reflect the congregation’s needs and be aligned with the mission of your ministry. Students will critique curriculum samples and understand the components of a curriculum and how to use it effectively. The CE objectives and an analysis of a congregational needs assessment will guide the process. Students will be prepared to decide if their church’s CE curriculum is, in fact, meeting the ministry objectives.
  • Leadership Track: Creative Conflict Management Strategies
    Wherever people interact or work together, disagreements, opposing views, and tensions are inevitable. If not carefully handled, they often escalate into disruptive and destructive conflicts. This course is designed to equip students with the skills necessary to identify causes of conflicts and creatively apply appropriate strategies to deal with conflicts in a godly manner.
    ­  Topics to be covered include: (i) The concept of shalom. (ii) Conflicts and their causes. (iii) How our view of God determines how we relate. (iv) Assessment of how each student handles conflicts. (v) Examples of biblical approaches to conflict management.

Jan. 7 – Feb. 11
  • Apologetics Track: The Bible and Salvation – A Comparative Study of Christianity & Islam
    This class will seek to define a Biblical framework for a Christian’s engagement with Islam.  It will seek to provide the student with the necessary framework and tools to reach out to Muslims with the appropriate biblical balance of truth and love in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Feb. 24—Mar. 23, 2020
  • Bible Track: Book of Acts
    This course traces the development of the Church from its inception to the end of the 1st century AD.  Particular attention is given to the growth and development of the early church as recorded in the Book of Acts, the exposition of the Book of Acts, and the historical contexts and themes of the New Testament writings.
  • Christian Education Track: The CE Classroom I: Lesson Preparation and Presentation
    The Christian Education Classroom series gives a holistic approach to managing the CE classroom experience. The series has three aspects—teaching methods and lesson preparation, tools and resources that enhance student learning, and behavioral management and student engagement strategies. This is a must for the worker who is new to teaching or wants to spice up their classroom to maximize the student’s experience.
  • Leadership Track: Excellence in Organizational Leadership
    The Excellence in Organizational Leadership course examines what leadership entails, along with developing an understanding of organizational cultural elements of alignment, accountability, accomplishment and acceleration.  Students will gain a fresh perspective of what it takes to build and sustain a successful organization by understanding leadership at the personal, interpersonal, team and organizational levels.

Feb. 25 – Mar. 24
  • Apologetics Track: The Person of Christ & the Doctrine of God
    This class presents the person and work of Jesus Christ as more than a prophet, but the actual “Son of God”.  Additionally, how and when to introduce the Godhead will be discussed in the context of Qur’anic objections to the Trinity.

Apr. 6—May 4, 2020
  • Bible Track: Survey of the Pentateuch
    This course surveys the books of the Pentateuch placing special emphasis on biblical beginnings and the development of the covenants as foundation for God’s working in the rest of Scripture. Attention is given to background matters, as well as critical and theological issues.
  • Christian Education Track: The CE Classroom II: Create a Buzz Using Technology, Media, and Other Educational Resources
    Innovations in technology can make learning fun. Discuss ways technology, social media and other teaching resources impact lesson preparation and presentation. Students will be challenged to use technology and other materials creatively in and outside the class. Students will create a file storage template to manage media and teaching resources.
  • Leadership Track: Maintaining Wholeness and Preventing Burnout
    The mental health of leaders is vitally important.  The course, Maintaining Wholeness and Preventing Burnout will define what exactly is burnout and how can the student assess whether or not he is she is experiencing symptoms of burnout.  Moreover, this course will provide practical coping strategies on balancing busy schedules, maintaining physical health through exercise and proper nutrition and utilizing biblical disciplines of prayer, study, fellowship and meditation as tools to building resilience to stress.

Apr. 7 – May. 5
  • Apologetics Track: Applied Evangelism…in Muslim Outreach
    This class addresses such questions as, who is the best model for a true religion of peace, Jesus of Christianity, or Muhammad of Islam?  How are women treated in Christianity and Islam?  Additionally, methods of evangelism—apologetics and polemics (how to answer and ask strategic questions) are discussed.