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These courses are completely free and self-paced. All required materials for the course are contained online, no extra books to buy. When you complete your course, you can request a certificate transcript for $49.

Courses Available:

BIB103 – OT1: Creation and Covenants
Access Code: GMJV6-7WF2S

This course surveys the books of the Pentateuch placing special emphasis on biblical beginnings and the development of the covenants as foundational for God’s working in the rest of Scripture. Attention is given to background matters, and critical and theological issues.

BIB105 – Biblical Hermeneutics
Access Code: MKD9J-Q6MCK

This course is an introduction to the principles and practice of interpreting the Bible using the historical-grammatical-rhetorical method of interpretation. Students learn how to integrate electronic tools into the process. The course concludes with suggestions on how to determine the relevance of these original thoughts to our own lives.

BIB203 – Life of Christ
Access Code: K6KF5-CHXWM

This course will provide an overview of major issues related to the Gospels and the life of Christ. The Gospels will be shown to reveal a fascinating and powerful portrait of Jesus Christ and his epochal, redemptive work in human history. Such study will also reveal the call toward greater fidelity in discipleship as we seek to follow in the ways of our Lord.

BIB204 – Early Church
Access Code: 74KWX-XQMJV

This course traces the development of the Church from its inception to the end of the 1st century AD.  Particular attention is given to the growth and development of the early church as recorded in the Book of Acts, the exposition of the Book of Acts, and the historical contexts and themes of the New Testament writings.

THE223 Christian Narrative I: Creation & Fall
Access Code: VVTDW-DRCRB

This course explores the relationship of God to humanity from the vantage point of creation and fall. Attention is given to the nature, character, and work of God in creating and governing the universe, especially in his special relationship to humanity, creatures bearing the image of God.

THE224 Christian Narrative 2:  Redemption
Access Code: 4VN27-8QWM5

This course explores the relationship of God to humanity from the vantage point of redemption, looking at the incarnation, the atonement, and the doctrine of regeneration. The course also explores the new community of the redeemed, the church. The future dimension of redemption, entailing the events of the last days receives attention.

How to Sign Up

  • Go to schoology.com
  • Click Signup in the upper left. Select Student.
  • Enter the course access code from above
  • Create your free account by entering First Name, Last Name, email and a password. Agree to the terms and click Register
  • You will be taken to the course page.

How to Engage in the Course

  • All eQuip online courses are organized the same way
  • Watch the course introduction video
  • Explore the red Course Resources folder
  • Open Unit 1. Click through and complete each resource and activity in the course.
  • When complete, proceed to Unit 2 and so on

Taking Another Course

  • Once you have a Schoology account, click Courses on the menu bar at the top
  • Click See All to see all your courses
  • Click join to enroll in another course. Use the access code above to enroll in that course.

Need Help?

At the bottom of every Schoology page is a Support link. Click there to access many student resources, including tutorials and guides

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