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How can I look up my username and password?

  • Students please use our Lookup Tool.
  • Faculty and Staff please contact the Help Desk (717.560.8200 ext. 4357 or

Is Wi-Fi available to guests on campus?

  • Guests on our Lancaster or Greenbelt campuses can access the internet through our guest internet services.
  • This connection is not secure, so we do not recommend that you use it for the transmission of sensitive data like banking or personal information.
  • Not all mobile apps ( such as games and certain messaging apps) will work due to network security policies in place on campus.
  • On the Lancaster campus, connect to the "LBC Guest" network on your device, open your internet browser  and type When the page loads, follow the on screen prompts for registering or logging in as a guest. 
  • For the Greenbelt campus, information is available at the front desk.
  • Please note that the guest network is not authorized for use by current students of LBC.
  • Click here for details on how to connect using a Windows based PC.

How do I connect to WiFi as a faculty member, staff, or student?

  • If you are a campus guest trying to access WiFi, see FAQ #2 LBC guest Wifi.
  • Current Faculty, Staff, and Students: please follow these instructions. 
  • Faculty, Staff, and Students with Android or iPad tablets: connect to the "LBC" network and under properties enter your username and password before tapping "connect".

Where do I check my LBC email?

  • Either type into your browser or click on that hyperlink. Your user name must be followed by  Your password should have already been issued to you in a letter you received upon successful enrollment or hire.
  • You can also click on "Outlook Web" from the student portal or the employee portal and then enter your credentials. 
  • For further assistance, please contact the Help Desk (717.560.8200 ext. 4357 or

How do I add my LBC account to my Android phone/tablet?

How do I add my LBC account to my iPhone or iPad?

Can I forward my LBC email to another email address?

I can't log in to My Community, what now?

  • If you are having trouble logging in to My Community:
  • Check that your credentials are correct; your user name should not have after it.
  • If you are sure your credentials are correct, install and use the Google Chrome web browser to access the page instead of your default browser.
  • For further assistance, please contact the Help Desk (717.560.8200 ext. 4357 or

How do I log in to Ecampus/Schoology?

  • Go to 
  • Enter your username (which is your email without the part) and the password for your account. 
  • Click the login button.
  • At your Ecampus page, click on the link at the top that says "courses".

How do I use Ecampus for taking or giving a course?

How do I use the Ecampus mobile app?

How do I connect to Campus Vue?

How do I connect using a VPN remotely?

I'm trying to print but nothing happens, what now?

  •          Be sure that the printer is on.
  •          Be sure that you are selecting the correct printer when in the print options menu.
  •          If you do not see the printer in the print options menu, please contact the Help Desk (717-560-8200 ext. 4357 or

The computers on campus are asking for a user name and password. What should I use?

  •          You should use the login name and password you were issued with a successful enrollment or hire.
  •          Be sure that the CAPS lock is turned off on the computer.
  •          Use only the first part of your username (i.e. jsmith or smit1234 not
  •          For further assistance, please contact the Help Desk (717.560.8200 ext. 4357 or

Can I get help for using or installing LOGOS software?

  • All support requests for LOGOS software need to be directed to Faithlife/LOGOS Bible Software by visiting or by calling 800-875-6467.

Where can I find help for using Hallways software?

Are there other online tools available to me as a student or employee of LBC?

I think I may have malware/spyware/virus on my computer. What should I do?