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FAQs about the Library

FAQs About the Charles & Gloria Jones Library Services

How do I get a library card?

For current students and employees, your college ID card is your library card. For alumni and community patrons, please select “Borrowing Privileges” under LOCATION to learn whether alumni and community patron services are available at the specified location.

How do I renew my materials?
  • You can renew online.
  • You can renew in person by stopping at any Charles and Gloria Jones Library Location.
  • You can renew by phone by calling the location where you borrowed.
  • You can renew by email at the Lancaster campus and the Washington DC location (email Lancasteremail Washington).
Where do I return my materials?

To return materials that you checked out, simply give them to the attendant at the location you borrowed them from during library hours. The Lancaster location has an outside Book Return slot in the wall on the patio facing the parking lot.

What is my user name and password for off-campus access (available to current students and employees only)?

This is the same user name and password that you use for your LBC email and Canvas account.  If you have forgotten your credentials and you are a current student, please click here to look up your credentials.

How do I learn about and order my textbooks?

Student textbooks are not purchased through the library at any of the Lancaster Bible College locations. Students can go to the LBC Bookends Bookstore to learn about and order textbooks. Scroll down the page and select the “Find Your Textbooks” tab. Complete the form to generate your book list and add to the cart those titles you wish to purchase from the bookstore. Accelerated Degree students have a special program for purchasing textbooks called “Textbook 1-2-3.”  The program is explained at the bottom of the LBC Bookends Bookstore page).

Can I borrow my course textbooks from the library?

The library normally does not purchase course textbooks as the cost and shelf space required are prohibitive.  Also, textbooks are subject to constant updates. You are encouraged to purchase your own textbooks.

My syllabus mentions materials on reserve in the library. What does this mean?

Reserves are materials your professor has selected to be placed on reserve shelves.  These materials usually consist of required readings or items you will need to complete an assignment.  You can ask for reserve materials at your library location.  For the Lancaster location you may search for reserve material online.

Will the library let me know when my materials are overdue?

The library circulation system does send out courtesy and overdue notices.  However, you are responsible to know when your materials are due and to return your items on time whether or not you receive a notice.

Does the library charge fines for overdue items?

Yes, we do charge overdue fines at the rate of $0.25 per day per item.  The maximum fine is $5.00 per item.  Fines can be paid by cash or check payable to Lancaster Bible College.

Why do I owe a fine when all my materials have been returned?

This usually means that your materials were overdue when they were returned.  So, even though you no longer have any materials checked out, the fine is still owed.

What do I do if I need an item that is held at another LBC location (available to current students, alumni and employees only)?

Whenever your library location does not have an item that you need, we will attempt to obtain it from another LBC location. Please allow up to five business days for the item to arrive.  Periodical articles will be scanned and emailed to the requestor directly.For further information on borrowing from another location, click here.

What do I do if I need an item that is not held at any LBC location (available to current students and employees only)?

Whenever you need an item that is not held by any LBC location, we will attempt to obtain it from another library. There is usually no charge for this service. If there is a charge, you will be notified and can decide whether you still want to request the item. Please allow up to ten business days for the item to arrive. For further information on borrowing from another library, select “Interlibrary Loan” under SERVICES.

What is LBC OneSearch?

LBC OneSearch is a single search box experience that allows you to search for books, electronic books, journal articles, and sources of other formats all simultaneously. Using this tool will help students discover sources owned by the library that they might otherwise easily miss.

What is a peer-reviewed journal article?

An article is called “peer-reviewed” when it is published in a “peer-reviewed” scholarly or scientific journal. Before publication, the article is reviewed by experts in the specific field or discipline. The author’s article is judged worthy of publication by a jury of his peers.

What is Endnote?

Endnote is a computer program that works with Microsoft Word® (PC or Mac) and OpenOffice to manage your bibliography and format citations in your papers.  LBC has a site license for all employees and students. For more information, see EndNote.

What computer, printing, photocopying and other services are available?

Each location offers different services and availability to computers, printing and photocopying. For these services, please select “Computers, Printing and Photocopying” under your specific location.

Do community patrons and alumni have access to electronic books and databases?

Community patrons and alumni have access to all eBooks and databases from the library computers on campus. They will only have access to eBooks that are available to the public from off campus. Purchased eBooks and periodical databases are not able to be accessed by community patrons and alumni from off campus.