• Basic Certificate (10 CEUs)
    An introductory level program offering a variety of course choices; 40% of courses must be in Bible or doctrine.
  • Biblical Studies Certificate (15 CEUs)
    Spiritual enrichment program designed to deepen one's understanding of God's Word; 80% of courses are in Bible or doctrine.
  • Lay Counselor Certificate (15 CEUs)
    A program for laypersons to provide basic counseling tools from a biblical perspective.
  • Christian Worldview Certificate (15 CEUs)
    This certificate is in partnership with the Accelerated Undergraduate Degrees program. A student can audit an on campus Accelerated Undergraduate Degrees course for $240 and receive four CEUs for each completed course.  The student can complete all 30 CEUs through Accelerated Undergraduate Degrees leading to an Advanced Certificate.
  • Advanced Certificate (30 CEUs)
    This certificate indicates the student is a graduate of the Biblical Enrichment Institute; 40% of the courses are in Bible or doctrine.