2016 Course Schedule for Lancaster Campus

All courses take place on Monday evenings from 6:30 - 9:30 pm
at Lancaster Bible College
901 Eden Rd., Lancaster, PA 17601

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Lay Counseling Courses 

SessionStart Date End DateCourse TitleInstructor
Session 12/1/20163/7/2016

ELC 220 – Emotionally Healthy Spirit

Many of us believe loving well is learned automatically, that it is just a “feeling”. We underestimate the depth of our bad habits and what is needed to sustain long-term, Christlike change in our relationships.”- Peter Scazzero

Join the discussion as we move through “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality”, Peter Scazzero's best-selling book exploring emotional and spiritual health as a blended human quality. Learn to tackle barriers by identifying and addressing many of the struggles that prevent growth in your relationship with Christ and with others. Peter says “It's impossible to be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature.” In an era of constant connection and activity, it's increasingly difficult reflect and grow. Discussing Peter's journey is a great way to start.

Mr. Kelly Martin
Session 23/21/20164/25/2016

ELC 224- An Introduction to Premarital and Marital Counseling

This course will provide an introduction to the tenets of premarital and marital counseling. The student will be equipped with practical resources and ideas to strengthen their own marriages which will in turn provide an opportunity for them to strengthen and encourage their local church.

This course uses an interactive seminar format, lecture, discussion, and the use of media which provides the student with a foundation built on God’s created intent for marriage and discusses the importance of premarital counseling as preparation for the adventure of marriage. In addition, marriage counseling after the vows serves as a way of continuing to strengthen marriages.

Mr. Clyde Sandford
Session 35/9/20166/20/2016

ELC217 - Intro to General Psychology

This course is designed to introduce the student to elementary concepts in psychology. The students pay particular attention to the interface between a biblical worldview and the propositions of contemporary psychology. Topics of discussion include neuroscience, learning, memory, emotion, personality theories, etc. Students are better prepared for service as they integrate course concepts into their ministry endeavors and daily life.

Mr. Jose Mangual
Session 47/11/20168/15/2016

Session cancelled


Session 58/29/201610/10/2016

ELC 218 – Introduction to Group Therapy

This course will provide an introduction to the tenets of group therapy. Particular attention will be given to explaining the differences between different types of groups and how they function. The student will be equipped with practical resources and ideas to strengthen groups they are currently a part of. In addition they will assess and better understand what is required of them both as a group leader and as a group member which will in turn provide an opportunity for them to strengthen and encourage their local church.

Mr. Clyde Sandford
Session 610/24/201612/5/2016

ELC 204 - Confronting Addictions

A study designed to offer helpful insights from the Bible and counseling experience to those individuals struggling with various addictions. The pain of a person’s past and/or present battle with and suffering from another person’s addictive behavior will also be discussed. Workable solutions will be sought in order to bring an end to this habitual damage and way of life.

Mrs. Debbie Bacon


Biblical Studies Courses 

SessionStart Date End DateCourse TitleInstructor
Session 12/1/20163/7/2016

EBS 127 – Be Amazed: Hosea, Joel, Jonah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Malachi

This course offers a look into the lives, struggles and messages of 6 Minor Prophets. It will include discussions of God’s purposes and applications for today.
Mr. Ron Hill
Session 23/21/20164/25/2016

EBS 110 – Be Committed: Ruth & Esther

In our world of sin and compromise, it is a difficult choice to put yourself at the feet of the Lord. The Books of Ruth and Esther remind us what it means to be committed to do God’s will, even in the most difficult of times. Through these two heroines of the faith, we will explore obeying in spite of consequence and we will witness God at work to guide, bless, save and transform their lives. Join us as we see precisely the difference that commitment makes.
Mrs. Holly Miller
Session 35/9/20166/20/2016

EBS 163 – Be Joyful: Philippians

Paul is a prisoner in a Roman jail, but his letter overflows with joy. This class will investigate the secret to finding joy in Christ in spite of difficult challenges. This is a verse-by-verse tour through the book of Philippians, taking notice of Paul’s single-mindedness focus on Christ. You, too, will learn how your joy might be full!
Mr. Nelson Zeiset
Session 47/11/20168/15/2016

EBS 115 – Be Determined: Nehemiah

Nehemiah is one of the most profound examples of good leadership and perseverance in all of Scripture. This course will examine how God strategically summoned Nehemiah from his high position at Persia’s palace to the difficult role of leading the city of Jerusalem.
Mr. Don Sadler
Session 58/29/201610/10/2016

EBS 101 – Be Basic: Genesis 1-11

Our time together will be invested in exploring Genesis 1 through 11. Topics will include: creation, the garden and who lived there, temptation and sin, Noah’s Ark, the flood, the Tower of Babel and other items.  We will review some of the original Hebrew and spend time with application in our lives today.
Mr. Paul Hostetter
Session 610/24/201612/5/2016

EBS 203 – Doctrine of Christ

This course will answer the question of who Jesus is. It is an exploration into his unique person as the God­man. It will also do a study of Christ’s work of atonement on behalf of his people in his sinless life, sacrificial death, resurrection and ascension. Special attention will be given to Jesus’ threefold office of prophet, priest and king.
Mr. Michael Aiken