Social Work Academics

Social Work Major

The Social Work major is comprised of 2 levels of learning. Students in the foundational/knowledge years are first exposed to all the components of the Social Work curriculum in Introduction to Social Work. Additional foundational courses include Diversity, Policy and two semesters of Human Behavior and the Social Environment. Upon completion of the foundational courses, students are interviewed for formal admission into the Social Work Program. The practice/skills years include the following courses: Practice with Individuals, Practice with Families and Groups, Practice with Organizations and Communities, two social work electives and the year-long Field Education courses and Internship. Additionally, students in the Social Work major take a Statistics course and Research Design course. Click here for a copy of Social Work major curriculum sheet.

Human Service Minor

Students who are interested in taking a combination of social work and counseling courses, as well as pursuing additional electives are eligible for declaring a Human Services minor. Students would complete an abbreviated internship without the rigor of the Social Work Field Instruction.


The following represents the course flow for the Social Work courses:


  • Introduction to Social Work
  • Policy


  • Diversity
  • Human Behavior and the Social Environment I
  • Human Behavior and the Social Environment II


  • Practice with Individuals
  • Practice with Families and Groups
  • Statistics
  • Social Work elective


  • Practice with Organizations and Communities
  • Research Design
  • Field Seminar and Internship I (6 credits) (*see Field Education for requirements for Internship)
  • Field Seminar and Internship II (6 credits)
  • Social Work elective

BSW Program

If you are planning on majoring in Social Work, see information about the BSW program, including admissions requirements, Program policies and Field Education requirements.