Department of Education

LBC’s Education Department prepares students to be professional educators who can construct lessons and activities for children pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. Following five semesters of courses and field experiences, students will complete 14 weeks of student teaching to demonstrate the acquired skills and knowledge. The focus will always be on the process of guiding the learning and development of children according to a biblical worldview.

To develop a true biblical worldview, the student will also have a cross-cultural experience to gain the perspective of the diverse populations in today’s classrooms. The education faculty at LBC, with decades of experience, will teach, advise, and guide students throughout the major to ensure their success as a professional educator.

Academic Programs:


  • Early Childhood Education
    • Bachelor of Science in Education (BSEd)
    • Pennsylvania (PreK-4) and ACSI (K-8)
  • Middle Level Education
    • Bachelor of Science in Education, Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies (BSEd/BABS)
    • Pennsylvania Instructional I (4-8) and ACSI Standard (K-8)


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