Ally Center: Seminary & Graduate

One Center, Two Services, Four Locations

The Ally Center is LBC | Capital’s hub for innovative academic services, resources, and accessibility by which each student can expand his or her potential for servant-ministry leadership.

The Ally Center’s premier services and resources are available to every seminary and graduate student at no additional cost.

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Writing Services

  • All Capital Seminary & Graduate School students are eligible to receive Writing Services from the Ally Center at no additional cost.
  • Writing Services consist of one-on-one assistance at any stage of the writing process, focusing on content, ideas, argumentation, format, and citation.
  • Mentors trained in graduate level writing are available to work with students face-to-face or online.
  • A variety of premier writing resources are available on campus and online.
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Editing Services

  • The Ally Center’s Writing Services provides services for current course work but does not include asynchronous proofreading/editing services, nor do they guarantee assistance with grammar/syntax.
  • Capital Seminary & Graduate School students desiring asynchronous editing services for their course work or dissertation must individually contract with a third-party editor, for which the student will incur separate expenses.
  • The Ally Center has recommended editors to assist Capital students. See list below.

Accessibility Services

  • Facilitated from the Lancaster site, the Accessibility Services office ensures that each qualified adult education student has equal access to LBC’s learning community and resources
  • All Capital students can connect with the Ally Center’s Accessibility Services by emailing or calling 717.560.8200 ext. 5383.
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Lancaster, PA

The Ally Center Lancaster site provides one-on-one writing services focusing on content, argumentation, revisions, formatting, and citation for all seminary and graduate courses.

Teague Learning Commons (TLC), 5th Level

Monday – Thursday, 8 am–8 pm
Friday 8 am–5 pm

717.569.7071 ext. 5389

ally center lancaster
LBC Ally Center Washington DC location

Washington DC

The Ally Center Lancaster site provides one-on-one writing services focusing on content, argumentation, revisions, formatting, and citation for all seminary and graduate courses.

TLC Library, Mediascape Room

Monday – Thursday 2–6 pm.
Additional appointment times may be available upon request.


Student benefiting from assistance from the Ally Center online.


Accessible from your location, the Ally Center Online provides personal academic coaching and writing appointments at flexible and convenient hours.

Visit the Ally Center’s online scheduling site to view available appointment times.

717.569.7071 ext. 5389

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know to schedule an appointment?

You will need to know your LBC username and password, the course you’d like to meet for, whether you would like an online or on-campus appointment, and either a 30-or 60-minute appointment.

Can I cancel my appointment?

Yes, visit our scheduling page and log in to view your upcoming appointments. Simply click on the “X” next to any appointment to cancel it. Please cancel the appointment no less than two hours prior to its designated start time.

Can I reschedule my appointment?

Yes, first cancel your existing appointment following the steps under the “Can I cancel my appointment?” FAQ; then, schedule another appointment at a convenient time.

How many appointments can I have in a week?

You may have up to three appointments in a week (not including study groups).

Who are the recommended editors?

Elaine Huber
Additional Information: Available via Zoom

Allison Byxbe

Write Right
Additional Information: Available via Skype or Facebook Messenger

Sarah Mosser
Additional Information: Specializes in English Language Learners

Sharon Williams

Sharon Williams Consulting

Sherry Bell