FAQs about the JumpStart Program

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When can I apply to the JumpStart Program?

Now! We are always accepting applications. However, you cannot be accepted into the program until you have completed all requirements (including providing SAT/PSAT/ACT scores and your high school transcript).

When are the SAT/PSAT/ACT tests being offered?

What are LBC's school codes for the ACT and SAT?

When you take the ACT or SAT, use these numbers in the school code section:

  • ACT: 3707
  • SAT: 2338

I’ve taken the ACT/PSAT/SAT Test. When will LBC receive it?

The ACT and SAT take approximately three weeks to be delivered. The PSAT score should be included on your high school transcript.

I know the course is free, but are there any additional fees?

There are a few fees that you will be required to pay upon registering for the class:

  • A $25 application fee.
  • A Student Service Fee of $30 per credit, payable when you register for classes. Since most classes are three credits, the fee is $90.

There are a few additional fee possibilities:

  • A few classes have a class fee or software requirements. Those classes are marked in the Registration Booklet. Ask us – we’ll tell you what the fee is.
  • Students are responsible for buying textbooks associated with their courses.

What if I want to audit a class?

Jumpstart students are not eligible to audit classes.

What if I want to take more than one class?

LBC offers the Tuition Free JumpStart opportunity for one class per semester. If a student chooses to take an additional class they are required to pay the full amount.

When can I sign up for a class?

Approximately 3 months prior to classes starting, JumpStart students are able to register online for the class of their choice. Registration dates for new and returning students are posted on the JumpStart homepage as well as the class listings, and a course description booklet.

What classes do I have to choose from?

Each year, we post a Registration Booklet for the fall semester online at the end of May. The Registration Booklet for the spring semester will be online at the end of November. We offer general education classes as well as introductory classes for our various majors.

I’ve been accepted, and I’m registered for an English Composition or Math class. Is additional testing needed?

No. We look at your ACT/PSAT/SAT scores. Students wanting to take an English Composition or Math class must meet or exceed the following requirement.

  • SAT: 500
  • PSAT: 50
  • ACT: 19

Can I take a summer or winterim class?

JumpStart students are eligible to take only fall and spring classes.

Can I take an online class?

JumpStart students can participate in classes that have online components. Part of the JumpStart experience is being in class on campus, so all available JumpStart courses include classroom instruction.

What is orientation?

During orientation, accepted JumpStart students meet with the JumpStart coordinator to learn about LBC’s website, tour the campus, receive their stop box number and combination as well as their username and password, review important dates, parking information, and general information about our college.

Is orientation mandatory?

Yes. Orientation is mandatory for all new JumpStart students.