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Forming Pastor-Scholars for the Church

Today’s churches need Pastor-Scholars who can handle the text of Scripture in the original languages. Get the foundational training you need to engage in the challenges of our day – both in the church and in the world – with the confidence that only comes from studying the Bible as God gave it.

Lancaster Bible College’s presem major is designed to equip aspiring pastors in the truths of Scripture, sound doctrine/theology and to be able to preach biblical sermons from the original languages of the Bible. From that foundation, you will learn about the nature of ministry, discipleship and leadership within the context of the local church. You’ll also learn the science and art of expository preaching to nourish your church members spiritually.

You’ll also learn the skills of pastoral counseling and care; learn how to apply Scripture to the problems of life and extending loving care to your members. All classes in our program are taught with an emphasis on engaging the present culture with a knowledge of historic orthodoxy and Christian practice.

Why Study Presem (Theology) at LBC?

  • Learn about the Scriptures in their original languages, informed by the developments of the present day – without becoming distracted by momentary fads.
  • Gain practical, hands-on experience in ministry and preaching through internships, practicums, field-based experience and mock ordinations.
  • Graduate prepared to enter into ministry or continue your studies through seminary or graduate school.
Your Journey

Program Credits: 126

Locations: Lancaster


Bachelor of Arts with majors in Pastoral Ministry/Pre-Seminary and Biblical Studies

Here are some examples of internships completed by students in the past:

  • Pastoral Intern


  • Traditional
  • Online & Evening (Accelerated)
  • Available as Minor

“So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up.” – Ephesians 4:11-12

A Closer Look: Church & Ministry Leadership

Carl Edwards (’10): 2016 Distinguished Alumni Service Award Recipient

Carl Edwards is a proud graduate of LBC’s Church & Ministry Leadership department and currently serves the director of Cross Connection Youth Center in New Holland, Pennsylvania. “Handling the word is very important. I want to do justice to the text,” said Edwards of his ministry and education at LBC. “That was one of the biggest things to me – learning how to read the word, learning how to study it, looking it as literal text and applying it. Next is the relational side of ministry – that’s where disciples are made. LBC modeled that for me by having people who poured themselves into me.” 

Meet the Faculty

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Dr. Mark Farnham

Program Director, MABS in Christian Apologetics

“Young pastors face a far more complex world than previous generations, so be sure you get the best possible preparation for ministry.” — Dr. Farnham

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Dr. Samuel Harbin

Chair of Bible & Theology Department

“I want my students to deeply appreciate the importance of the gospel for every aspect of their life and ministry.” — Dr. Harbin

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Dr. Victor Jacobs


“I want my students to learn to fix their gaze on our Risen Savior, even as they deepen their understanding of His word.” — Dr. Jacobs

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Sample Course Outline

PAS 102 – Pastoral Ministry

Grasping God’s analogy of shepherding is the bedrock of this course. Understanding the qualifications and job description of a pastor as shepherd over God’s flock is the starting point in developing a healthy and thorough theology of pastoral ministry.

CML 102 – Foundations of Ministry & Discipleship

This course will serve as an introduction to the ministry of the local church. Emphasis will be placed on the holistic integration of discipleship and spiritual formation principles. Students will evaluate models of ministry and develop a comprehensive discipleship plan.

LAN 211 – Greek Grammar I

Greek Grammar I is a course of study in the fundamental morphology and syntax of Koine Greek, the language of the New Testament. This course emphasizes vocabulary, the form and function of basic Greek nouns, and the form and function of basic Greek verbs.

CML 210 – Fundamentals of Leadership

Building on a foundation of personal character development, this course will overview theological components essential for effective leadership. Student will learn strategies for team building, conflict management and leading change.

LAN 212 – Greek Grammar II

Greek Grammar II is a sophomore level language elective study of Koine Greek. Building upon LAN 211 Greek Grammar I, the grammar and syntax of the Koine Greek verb system is learned; basic grammar and syntax of nouns and adjectives is reviewed; a foundational vocabulary list is memorized.

PAS 340 – Church Leadership

This is a study of the practical task of the church leader, using the case method and the seminar approach. The leadership tasks to be covered are planning, organizing, staffing, training, delegating, coordinating, controlling, evaluating, decision making, and communicating. Organizational leadership, systems of church government and administration are key components of this course. Case studies are a critical tool used to prepare students for the unique challenges of leading parishioners, staff members and volunteers alike.

BNT 320 – Greek Exegesis I

Greek Exegesis is a development of the grammatical skills acquired in Greek Grammar I & II. One or two advanced Greek grammars are studied and the practical grammar application is made by exegeting selected sections of the Greek New Testament.

BNT 321 – Greek Exegesis II

Learning the elements of the biblical exegetical process that are foundational for exposition of the text is the focus of this course. Topics include text criticism, lexical studies, discourse and literary analysis.

PAS 402 – Pastoral Care

This is a how-to course for the wide array of pastoral functions and privileges. Field trips and practical instruction prepare students for ministry to their flock from birth to death. Baptism, communion, weddings, baby dedications, and funerals are just a few of the topics addressed in this course.

CML 450A – Pastoral Ministry Practicum

This senior year course is an extension of CML 350A Pastoral Internship. Students are expected to serve in key positions of leadership in the church under the careful supervision of a seasoned ministry veteran. Development of a personal philosophy of ministry, doctrinal statement, core values, and resume will serve as a capstone to pursue future ministry options.

Careers and Jobs in Pre-Seminary

  • Counselor
  • Missionary
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Social Worker
  • University Teaching

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