Teaching English to Speakers  of Other Languages (TESOL)

Bachelor of Science (BS)

Using the English language to serve God cross-culturally

Study Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) at LBC

Engaging the Global Classroom

Worldwide, the demand for English language teachers is growing.  Use your passions for God and teaching to foster intercultural communication, build authentic relationships, and live out your faith in an increasingly global society.

If you have a passion for learning about other cultures, a love for teaching and languages, consider studying TESOL at LBC. Our TESOL program is designed to prepare professional educators to teach English to non-native English speakers at home and abroad. With a focus on blending theory and practice, our program offers a rich variety of both classroom and real-world field experiences in English Language Teaching. Our curriculum is designed to equip students to become reflective, context-sensitive practitioners whose teaching is a vital component of their testimony within the local and global community. Your degree in TESOL can lead to teaching jobs in high schools, colleges, universities, community language centers, literacy councils, refugee resettlement agencies, international businesses, non-profit organizations, or Christian outreach ministries around the world.

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Why Study TESOL at LBC?

  • Develop the awareness and competencies needed for English language teaching in the 21st century.
  • Open doors of opportunity to teach and live missionally within the global community.
  • Intern in vibrant intercultural learning communities with mentoring from experienced teachers.
Your Journey

Program Credits: 126

Locations: Lancaster


Bachelor of Science with Majors in Intercultural Studies and Biblical Studies

Here are some examples of internships that students have completed in the past:

  • Intern at the Largest Regional Adult English as a Second Language (ESL) Provider
  • Intern at Refugee Resettlement Agency
  • Intern at an International University


  • Traditional
  • Online & Evening (Adult Education)
  • Available as Minor

“…there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb.” – Revelation 7:9

Sample Course Outline

ELT 101 – Introduction to TESOL

This course introduces students to basic terminology, history, theory, and methodology within the field of TESOL. It offers examples of, guidelines for, and interaction with language teaching techniques, and challenges students to evaluate, integrate, and begin to implement them in a manner that honors a personal commitment to Christ.

ELT 105 – Teaching Speaking & Listening

This course focuses on the development of methods for the teaching of listening, speaking, and pronunciation. It provides students with an overview of key philosophical, theoretical, practical, and biblical considerations in the teaching of oral English. Students are required to interact with a variety of techniques for presenting oral language, assessing student proficiency, and providing constructive feedback.

ELT 205 – Teaching Reading & Writing

This course focuses on the development of reading, writing, and grammar instruction. It provides students with an overview of key philosophical, theoretical, practical, and biblical considerations in the teaching of written forms of English. Students are required to interact with a wide range of techniques for helping students to comprehend, interpret, analyze, and generate writing within a variety of English genres.

ICS 240 – Wayumi

This off-campus course is sponsored by New Tribes Mission and is held at their Jersey Shore, PA, training facility. It provides an adventure into the very heart of missions by exploring a tribal village and interacting with “tribal people.” Students learn from experienced missionaries what is involved in tribal church planting.

ICS 301 – Second Language Acquisition

This course equips students intending to study or teach a language. It focuses on the practical application of research-based language learning principles in formal and informal language learning contexts. Students participate in and reflect on the language learning process by engaging in hands on language learning experiences and relating them to cross-cultural ministry.

LAN 310 – Linguistics

This course investigates the basic elements of theoretical and applied linguistics with an emphasis on practical applications utilizing both written samples and data from live interviews. The goal of the course is for each student to gain an understanding of the basic elements of linguistics and to see how principles and methods of linguistic theory can be applied in language-related fields such as teaching, language acquisition, and cross-cultural communication.

ELT 302 – Context, Cultures & Values

This course is designed to help students explore the various international contexts in which English language teaching may occur. It requires students to interact with ethical issues at sociopolitical, economic, cultural, religious, and educational levels. In class activities expose students to a variety of tools, questions, and means of inquiry that can be used in exploring each of these contexts. An emphasis is placed on critical analysis, creative problem solving, and initiation of value-related discussion in the classroom setting.

CML 350E – TESOL Internship

The internship placement provides the initial venue through which students will begin to reflectively interact with non-native English speakers in the role of an observer and assistant teacher within the language classroom. Internships are intended to allow students to integrate and apply skills and knowledge gained in their studies. Additionally, internships allow the student to observe, assist, dialogue with, and receive feedback from an experienced teacher in the field. This opportunity is valued as a critical element in the student’s professional development. Internship placements also serve as a Prerequisite(s) to the more intensive Practicum placements, which will take place when the student is nearing the completion of the TESOL Program.

CML 421 – Balancing Life and Ministry

This class is a study of the tensions that exist in balancing responsibilities of ministry and personal life. It will address issues of life purpose, priorities, time management, spiritual rhythms and marriage. Specifically, the students will write a life purpose statement and examine their daily routines with the intent of creating a life of healthy stewardship. Principles of missional marriage will also be explored.

ELT 440 – Course Design

This course guides students through the process of evaluating, selecting, developing and adapting materials. Throughout the semester students construct and revise a language course which includes articulation of beliefs, formulation of goals and objectives, sequencing of lessons, development of materials and design of assessment tools.

Careers and Jobs in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

  • Cross-Cultural Missionary
  • Educator in a Christian School
  • English Instructor
  • English Tutor
  • TESOL Teacher

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