Study Abroad Through LBC

Reshape Your Worldview by Traveling the World.

Broaden your horizons and deepen your relationship with God through our study abroad options at LBC. These travel opportunities give students the chance to visit new places, experience other cultures and broaden their education.

We offer students two ways to study abroad: short-term tours or a semester abroad program.

TraveLearn Tours

Short-Term Travel with Long-Term Impact

Offered annually, our TraveLearn Tours and enriches student learning through experiences that make the scriptures come to life. Typically, the tours are offered during summer sessions and are focused on the countries where history is unfolded in the pages of scripture. Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey and Greece are our primary destinations.

Students travel with experienced and knowledgeable professors and trace the footsteps of Jesus, the apostles and scores of other Bible characters. Biblical customs and culture are brought to life as ancient sites are explored, explained and even excavated in light of their significance in the grand narrative of scripture.

Semester Abroad Programs

Deep Study That Inspires Deep Change

Lancaster Bible College has entered into agreements with several institutions overseas, giving students the opportunity to earn credits at recognized institutions in a cross-cultural setting. In addition, the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities’ Best Semester program offers international and domestic programs and is open to LBC students.

For each of these programs, students remain enrolled at LBC and thus are eligible for financial aid, but not for LBC’s in-house scholarships. Students should work closely with their advisors and the registrar’s office to ensure that credits earned will fit into their programs. Additional information is available at each program’s web site and from the Registrar’s Office.

About Our Study Abroad Partner Institution

Saints Bible Institute

Location: San Lorenzo. Italy


Explore Venice as a day trip, pick up a few words of Italian, and eat pasta how it was meant to be eaten – all while earning Bible credits. LBC partners with Saints Bible Institute in San Lorenzo, Italy, to offer a study abroad program that introduces you to Italy and gives you a cross-cultural taste of ministry.

Learn more about Saints Bible Institute »


Israel with Jerusalem University College

LBC has an articulation agreement with Jerusalem University College. Learn more ».


Contact the Registar's Office for complete details. or 717.569.70171 ext. 5259.


Hear about Emily's experience with studying in Italy.

emily-study-abroad"I divide my time abroad into 3 parts: Personal, Academic, and Spiritual. Although three months is a short time frame, it is enough to get one out of their usual environment and comfort and place them in a vulnerable state where true learning can begin. Because there were few people that I knew when going abroad, I was able to process through some of my own personal habits and traits. I was able to find out who I was and how my traits can be used for Christ's purpose. As time went on, I began to appreciate the learning aspect of my trip. The professors challenged your thinking while making the classes engaging. The best part of the academics is once something is taught, you are then able to experience it in real life with weekend trips and travel weeks. Classes even overlapped information. With the crossing of information on top of having the experience of seeing history come alive, it made the academics more realistic and relevant to life. Studying abroad made learning fun again. Finally, because I was out of my comfort zone, it gave room for God to work in my life. The Spiritual aspect was moving throughout the entire trip, but it came to light near the end. Because there was nothing from my normal culture to distract me, I was able to have Christ work in my life in drastic ways. I encourage people to not stay in what is normal for them, but rather expand your knowledge, experiences, and confidence in Christ by studying abroad and developing a progressive mindset outside of our young country of America."