FAQs About Admissions

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Is there an application deadline?

Yes. The college has rolling admission, but there are benefits to meeting the application deadlines.

  • December 1 – Early Action (first consideration for scholarships)
  • March 31 – Regular Decision
  • After March 31 – Extended Decision

How long does it take to process an application?

About one day.

When will the acceptance letter be mailed?

Shortly after the file is processed.

Is there an application fee?


  • $25 per traditional application
  • $15 for re-admit application

What is the average fall enrollment?

200 students

What credentials must be submitted to properly complete an application file?

  1. Application & autobiography
  2. Application fee (unless waived by counselor)
  3. Student Profile
  4. Official high school transcripts (sent from school unopened)
  5. SAT/ACT scores OR official college transcripts (sent from school unopened)
  6. Pastor's reference
  7. Academic OR employer's reference

Does the college require a minimum SAT/ACT score for admittance?


  • SAT – 890 and above. Anything between 760-880 must go before the Admissions Committee.
  • ACT – 18 and above. Anything between 15-17 must go before the Admissions Committee.

Are the following required for admission?

Interview – Not always, but some students may be asked to come in for an interview. Also, an interview may take the place of an autobiography if desired.

References – Yes. Pastor's and academic OR employer's references

Autobiographical Essay – Yes. An autobiography must be submitted with your application. It should cover your family/home/schooling background, salvation experience, church/school involvement/Christian service, and why you'd like to attend LBC.

Must a physical examination be submitted prior to starting classes?

Yes. Forms are mailed after acceptance is granted.

Are high school honors courses weighted in favor of the grade point average?

No. We use a student’s unweighted GPA for both admission and financial aid.

What is the minimum GPA required?

You must have 2.0 high school and/or college GPA. Anything lower must be reviewed by the committee.

Will the college accept a General Education Diploma (GED)?


Will the college honor a home school major or a diploma from an unaccredited private high school?

Yes. The majors must be in accordance with state laws. A home school evaluation must be signed by a home school evaluator.

How will the college evaluate or use two or more sets of SAT/ACT scores?

We will take your highest set of scores (from a single test date). Test scores from different test dates may NOT be combined to create a “highest” score.

Does the college offer an Early Admissions Program?

Yes. Students must apply by December 1. File must be completed before December 15 for full consideration of scholarships.

What are the transfer admission requirements?

We must receive OFFICIAL FINAL transcripts from an accredited or verified non-accredited post-secondary institution showing that you received a grade of “C-” or better for the course to count towards your degree at LBC. It also must fit into your desired major at LBC.

Is admission open to students any semester?

Fall or spring semesters only. No new summer or winter matriculating students.