Next Steps

Welcome New Students

Congratulations, and welcome to the Lancaster Bible College family! As part of your commitment to attend LBC, you’ll want to sign up for one of our upcoming Student Orientation and Registration (SOAR) days. As a new student SOAR is an important step and provides the experience of:

  • Meeting the rest of the LBC family, including faculty, staff and current students
  • Interacting with other incoming students and their families
  • Engaging with others in your academic program as you receive your class schedule
  • Worshipping together with the LBC Community
  • Getting to know the Student Activities team
  • …and so much more!

SOAR also provides the opportunity to finalize your schedule, complete the financial aid process, and receive important information that will help you begin your journey at LBC. Keep checking back to this site for updated information as it becomes available in the months ahead!


Third Step

Helpful Information & Resources

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Are you...

Looking for on-campus jobs?

LBC Student Jobs listings are available online. You can apply here and follow up with the supervisor directly. View the jobs.

Living on campus?

Our Resident Life staff is eagerly anticipating your arrival.  The following links are great documents to help you as you begin thinking about moving to campus:

Resident Housing – If you completed your SOAR registration as a resident student you’ve already completed this form! If you are a commuter changing to a resident student, please complete this form now to help us better pair you with a roommate.

Resident’s Mini Link   – learn more about Resident Life at LBC!

What to Bring – as you begin thinking about packing for your dorm room, visit our resident hall page and at the bottom you will find guidelines on what to bring.

Meal Plan   – Resident students will need to purchase a meal plan. Commuting students have the option to buy a meal plan.

Commuting to campus?

Commuters make up nearly 50% of our student population – and we can’t wait to meet you!  Here is a great info sheet for you as you begin your time at LBC!

Commuter Mini Link   – learn more about commuter life at LBC!

Planning to have a vehicle on campus?

All resident and commuting students who park their vehicle on campus are required to display a valid LBC parking permit. Register your vehicle online and receive your FREE Parking Permit in your LBC Stop (mailbox) when you arrive at the start of the semester. Vehicle Registration Form

Bring your bicycle on campus?

Register your bicycle online.  Bicycle Registration Form

What’s your next step?