Clubs, Organizations, and Activities

LBC invites you to share your talents and interests with the LBC community! Try out for a musical group, play for one of our Charger teams, grow your leadership skills in student government, or join one of our many student organizations. Participating in a club or activity is a great way to make friends and develop your unique gifts!

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Student Government & Other Councils

  • Student Government Association. Officers elected annually from the student body; represents students' interests, encourages self-government, and promotes responsibility, loyalty, and cooperation among students and in their relations with faculty, staff, and the administration of the college.  
  • Class organizations. Every class has an advisor, class president, vide president, and secretary/treasurer
  • Resident Affairs Council
  • Commuter Affairs Council. The council promotes fellowship and spiritual life among commuter students, furthering commuter interests, and meeting commuters' unique needs.


Athletics -

  • Intercollegiate - varsity sports include:
    • Men's Sports
      • Baseball
      • Basketball
      • Cross Country
      • Soccer
      • Tennis
      • Volleyball
    • Women's Sports
      • Basketball
      • Cross Country
      • Lacrosse
      • Soccer
      • Softball
      • Tennis
      • Volleyball
  • Intramural - a variety of intramural athletics is offered through the school year
  • Ultimate Frisbee Organization (UFO) attracts students interested in participating in intramural Ultimate Frisbee. Tournaments on campus and off campus are made available.
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) - for students wanting to come together to discuss sport & Christianity.

Music and Theater Organizations

  • Musical groups
    • LBC Chorale
    • Chamber Singers
    • Handbell Choir
    • Musical Theater
    • Worship Choir
    • Worship Teams
    • Vocal Ensembles
    • Symphonic Ensemble (Orchestra)
    • Symphonic Winds (Band)
    • Instrumental Ensembles
    • Lancaster County Jazz Company
    • Charger Pep Band

Fellowships & Clubs

  • Activities & Campus Events (ACE) - provides opportunities for all students (ie. Barn Party, Spirit Week, Christmas Banquet, Spring Formal, LBC’s Got Talent, Coffee Houses & more)
  • ICHTHUS (the Greek word for "fish," which constitutes an acrostic for "Jesus Christ, God's Son, Savior") is the LBC yearbook, produced by a student staff under LBC staff supervision. A yearbook will be ordered for all full-time students carrying twelve or more credits each semester (consecutive fall and spring semesters). Students carrying less than twelve credits per semester must contact the yearbook office to order a book.
  • International Student Fellowship is open to all international, missionary, third culture, and diplomatic corps students. The group seeks to encourage each other through caring, sharing, and fellowship.
  • Shepherd's Staff provides inspiration as well as instructional opportunities for students of the college who are interested in the pastoral ministry.
  • Student Missionary Fellowship seeks to emphasize effectively and constantly the challenge of missions through its regular meetings, prayer groups, chapel services, and annual Maximum Impact Conference (Missions Conference).
  • Catacombs Prayer is a student-led time of worship, teaching, and fellowship.
  • The Melting Pot (Cultural Students Club) is not currently functioning.
  • LBC Students for Life is for students interested in helping to promote the pro-life cause.
  • Charge Student Journal is for students interested in promoting the arts (writing, art, photography, etc.)
  • Throttled - student-let car care ministry
  • Student Care - providing specific needs/events for male and female students
    • The Well
    • Wildfire