LBC Good Shepherd Chapel

The Good Shepherd Chapel, built in 2000-01, is the first dedicated worship facility on the Lancaster Bible College campus. The large brick structure is located at the center of our campus and seats 1,600. All student chapel services, concerts, conferences, convocation, commencement, and other special services are held here.

The name "Good Shepherd" comes from the large stained glass window hanging in the foyer that shows a full-length figure of Jesus holding a lamb and a shepherd's staff. The stained glass was given to the college by a Methodist church in Lancaster. The foyer is also decorated with the flags of countries where alumni are serving, and they also represent the home countries of our international students.

Chapel Services

Chapel services are the one place and time where the entire LBC community can gather to encourage one another and receive instruction and challenge from the Word of God. These services are at the core of Lancaster Bible College's effort to encourage spiritual growth in the life of every student. Services: Chapel is held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9:10-10 AM.

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Policy Statement

All full-time students (12 credit hours and above), both residents and commuters, are required to attend chapel services and assemblies regardless of class schedule.

  • Chapel will meet three days a week for 50 minutes (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
  • Any exceptions to this attendance policy will need to be cleared through a meeting with the assistant director of Christian formation.
  • Special assemblies occasionally meet on a Monday or Friday during the Chapel Hour (e.g., Scholarship Awards, Academic Awards, Church & Ministry Day, Parent's Day, etc.)

Attendance Procedures and Expectations

  • Students will account for their attendance by swiping their student ID card as they enter chapel.
  • After 9:11 AM, a student will be considered late.
  • After 9:15 AM, a student will be counted as absent.
  • Three late arrivals or early departures will be counted as one absence.
  • Any student caught falsifying attendance will be placed on disciplinary probation.


Knowing that life often presents circumstances beyond our control, the college extends to every student the freedom to be absent from up to 20% of their chapel attendance requirement.

This grace allowance is intended to be used for those times when a student is prevented from attending, or from being credited with attending a chapel. This includes forgetting or losing a student ID card, transportation problems, occasional illness, over sleeping, work, ministry, and family demands. A wise student understands these situations usually come unexpectedly and keeps these allowed absences in reserve for those occasions.

When a student's absence from chapel exceeds the grace allowance, the following procedures will be followed:

  • Excessive Absence 1-3 – $5 fine; subsequent excessive absences – $10 fine/absence
  • Excessive Absences 4-6 – meeting with the assistant director of leadership development for each absence.
  • Excessive Absences 7+ – meeting with the director of leadership development for each absence.

Failure to follow through with any of these procedures will jeopardize the student's standing.

Chapel Excuse

A student who has a conflict due to off-campus permanent employment, Christian service, or student teaching may apply, at the beginning of the semester, for a semester-long chapel excuse. These requests must be re-submitted each semester. Chapel excuse request forms are available in the student services office. Students need to set up an appointment with the assistant director of Christian formation to have their request reviewed before it is approved.

Permanent chapel excuse forms must be submitted within the first month of the semester. If the form is submitted more than a month after the start of a semester, all absences previously missed due to the related excuse will not be excused.