Admissions Process – Adult Education

If you’re considering studying in an undergraduate adult education program at LBC, be sure to look over these questions as you get ready to apply!

Do I meet the requirements and standards for admissions?

A Bachelor’s or Associate Degree
  • Applicants must confirm that they have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and be in essential agreement with the Statement of Faith of the college. Applicants must also commit to living a consistent Christian life based on the principles of God’s Word.
  • Applicants must have graduated from high school or have earned a high school equivalency diploma.
  • Transcripts must be official.
  • Demonstrate a minimum 2.0 GPA or better on all previous post-high school academic work.

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 Second Bachelor’s Degree
  • Transcripts: must document a completed bachelor’s degree in a non-Bible major from an accredited college/post-secondary institution.
  • Demonstrate a minimum 2.0 GPA or better on all previous post-high school academic work.
Provisional Acceptance

LBC | Capital will consider individuals on a case-by-case basis to be given provisional acceptance if any application or academic requirements are not yet met.

What is Life Experience Credit?

Life experience credit is college credit students can earn based on prior learning. Students can receive up to 30 credits at a reduced tuition price through our Credit for Prior Learning evaluation process. Please refer to our Financial Aid information for fee details.

Credits for Prior Learning must:

  • Be documented learning, not just experience or exposure
  • Be college-level learning
  • Not have resulted in college credit previously

External documentation must be provided to verify life experience. This could be in the form of copies of certificates, letters of accommodation or emails directly to the college from others who can verify what the student has completed.

Discussing potential Credit for Prior Learning with a program staff member is an important step as you begin your studies. The purpose of the discussion is to give an estimate of the number of hours you might earn from prior learning experiences. A worksheet will guide you in recalling and documenting learning experiences and will serve a guide for the discussion. This should be completed only after discussing your situation with a program staff member.

What are LBC’s Transfer Credit Policies?

Evaluation of Prior Credit
  • If you have completed courses in other regionally accredited colleges, you may receive up to 90 semester hours of transfer credit.
  • The amount of credit, the courses to be accepted and the method of evaluation will be determined by the nature of the courses and type of institution.
  • If you have attended any college or university after graduation from high school, you must submit an official transcript from each institution.
  • Please email transcripts to or mail to: Adult Education, 901 Eden Road, Lancaster, PA 17601-5036.
Credit for Military Training

Active service members and veterans of the U.S. armed services may receive college credit for their military training and occupational specialties. Lancaster Bible College follows the credit recommendations established by the American Council on Education (ACE) for courses and occupations from the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Army Reserve and National Guard.

The Community College of the Air Force maintains academic records for members and veterans of the U.S. Air Force. ACE recommendations and CCAF credits are treated as transfer credits and not as Credit for Prior Learning.

To determine the academic credit for your military experience, the undergraduate adult education office will need to review one or more of the following documents:

  • Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Army Reserves and Coast Guard: request a Joint Services Transcript (JST)
  • Community College of the Air Force transcripts are available from the CCAF Registrar at CCAF/RRR, 130 W. Maxwell Blvd., Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-6613.
  • Members of other branches: submit separation report DD 214, DA Form 2-1 Personnel Qualification Record or DD Form 295 Application for the Evaluation of Educational Experiences During Military Services.
  • Veterans: if you are unable to locate your original military records, you may request copies from the National Personnel Records Center, Military Personnel Records, 9700 Page Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63132.
Credit by Examination

Credit by Examination is a way to validate learning in an academic area by taking a standardized test. The following examination programs are recognized by LBC’s undergraduate adult education degrees. A prospective student should consult with the adult education coordinator before taking any examination to see how the subject matter will fit their educational goals. Exams that duplicate or overlap previous college credit or courses required to be taken within the adult education degrees will not be accepted.

Advanced Placement (AP) – a score of 3 or better is required to receive credit for any of the Advanced Placement exams.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) – a national set of exams on selected topics. Harrisburg Area Community College’s campus in Lancaster and Eastern Mennonite University’s Lancaster campus are the closest testing sites to LBC’s Lancaster campus. To locate CLEP testing sites in your area, click here for the CLEP Test Center listing.

Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Educational Support (DANTES) – introductory college-level exams in more than 50 subjects. Penn State Harrisburg is the closest DANTES testing site to LBC. Find additional DANTES testing sites here.

Credit for Life Experience

Earning college credit for prior life experiences is one of the unique features of adult education degrees.

  • If you are an undergraduate adult education student working toward your degree in Bible, you may earn up to 30 semester hours of Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) through an evaluation process that begins by completing the Credit for Prior Learning form.
  • A program staffer will provide further instructions.
  • The 30 semester hours of CPL credit can be earned from a number of different sources including workshops, seminars, self-study, non-credit classes, training programs and/or work experiences. It is the prior learning from these sources that will be documented and evaluated by a faculty member in the relevant field to establish the amount of credit to be awarded.

During the admissions process, students are provided with an opportunity to obtain an estimate of the number of CPL credits they can expect to earn once they enter the program.

Are You an International Student?

LBC | Capital’s online degrees can work well for you.

Consider an Online Degree & Stay in Your Country

International students seeking to obtain an associate or bachelor’s degree through the adult education program will need to enroll in one of the Adult Education online programs and study from their home country. Due to the structure of our in-class track for adult education program (designed for local working adults), the college does not issue I-20s for the F-1 Visa.

If you are looking to come to the United States to study, please see our traditional undergraduate degrees and also the requirements for international student studies.

In addition to the online application, international students seeking to apply for an adult education online degree will need to:

  • Demonstrate English proficiency through the TOEFL, IELTS or Duolingo.
  • Have any transcripts from foreign institutions evaluated by an outside agency that specializes in foreign transcripts.

Note: Students living in British Columbia are not eligible for this online program.

Will your country recognize LBC's online degree?

Students considering online education should be aware that a few countries do not formally recognize foreign degrees earned online. This could affect transfer of credits to programs in some non-U.S. countries or for those who seek employment requiring specific credentials in their home country. Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School cannot guarantee that its online degree programs are recognized in or meet the requirements to comply with distance education regulations outside the United States.

Students considering online education must inform themselves of the current circumstances or special requirements in their country of residence, including whether the online degree will be recognized and whether they will be subject to additional withholding taxes. Depending on your location or country of citizenship, you may be required to pay taxes in addition to the tuition and fees you will pay to Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School. These taxes may result from tuition payments or other circumstances related to your participation in an online program.

To comply with U.S. export control regulations, LBC | Capital does not currently offer online programs to individuals located in the following countries under U.S. embargo:

  • Iran
  • Sudan
  • Crimea
  • Cuba
  • Syria
  • North Korea
  • Venezuela

This list is subject to change as sanctions change over time. Therefore, the list may not be current or complete.

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