Academic Departments

Arts & Sciences

The Arts & Sciences Department uses hands-on experience, Christ-centered training, and a strong foundation in theory and ethics to prepare students for careers as effective communicators in a secular world.

Bible & Theology

The Bible & Theology Department provides students with the flexibility to choose courses from various professional departments, while also giving them the same core Bible & theology and arts & sciences courses as all other LBC majors.

Business Administration

The Education Department equips students with the skills and knowledge to be a teacher.

Church & Ministry Leadership

The Church & Ministry Leadership Department trains global ministry leaders for the 21st century by emphasizing godly character and developing leadership skills.

Communication & Media Arts

The Communication & Media Arts Department exists to develop creative, highly-skilled communication and media professionals who will influence culture and the Church from a relevant but biblical worldview. Get hands-on training with experienced professionals to prepare for careers in broadcasting, journalism, advertising, public relations, digital marketing, show production, video production, and graphic design.

Counseling & Social Work

The Counseling & Social Work Department encourages students to understand, evaluate, and practice counseling and social work theory and methods from a biblical perspective.


The Education Department equips students with the skills and knowledge to be a teacher.

Health & Physical Education

The Health & Physical Education Department prepares students to serve Christ through careers in teaching health and physical education, healthcare management and sport management.

Music, Worship & Performing Arts

The Music, Worship and Performing Arts department exists to develop highly skilled artists to influence culture with grace and truth.

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