Communication & Media Arts

The Department of Communication & Media Arts

Do you desire to become a communication professional who is rooted in Christian values from a strong biblical perspective? Are you being called to creatively use your talents and gifts to advance the cause of Christ? The department of Communication & Media Arts at LBC may be the perfect fit for you. These programs are designed to produce effective communication professionals through industry-focused courses and hands-on experiences. Learn to work collaboratively and thrive alongside other creatives through practical, real-world media production opportunities across our campus, into our community, and around the world.

Jesus Christ is the Great Communicator, revealing to the world the truth of God’s plan of salvation. Paul was a great communicator, preparing the foundation of the early church to be a light in the darkness. You too are called to be a great communicator. Built on a firm foundation of media ethics and creative practices, students will also major in Biblical Studies, developing a strong biblical worldview to equip them to represent Christ well while pursuing excellence in their field.

A communication student in the LBC radio station

Academic Programs:

Bachelors (Traditional Undergraduate)

Bachelors (Adult Education)

See a Sampling of LBC’s Live Production Talent

This music video “More Than an Experience” by MBSSY, LBC’s student traveling worship team, is a sample of our student talent. This video showcases the talents of our Worship Arts and Live Production majors who wrote, performed, recorded, filmed and edited this video. Listen and enjoy!

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