Academics for Undergraduate Adult Education

Explore our Adult Education Undergraduate Degrees

Adult Education Undergraduate Degrees (Accelerated) at Lancaster Bible College are designed specifically for adults just like you who want to start or complete their college degree – but need to find the time in their busy schedules. Through this program, classes are literally accelerated – meaning they run for 6 weeks instead of the usual 15, allowing you to earn your degree faster. With our programs, you can go back to school with a flexible schedule and get a biblically based, Christ-centered education faster than you think!

 Degrees Credits Online Lancaster Washington DC Philadelphia
Accounting (BS) 120 X
Biblical Studies (BABS) 120 X X X X
Business Administration (BSBA) 120 X X X X
Communication (BA) 120 X
Community Transformation & Social Engagement (BSCTSE) 120 X
Criminal Justice (BACJ) 120 X
General Studies (BSGS) 120 X X X X
Healthcare Management (BS) 120 X
Human Services (BSHS) 120 X
Marketing (BS) 120 X
Ministry Leadership (BA) 120 X
Sport Management (BSSM) 120 X
Biblical Studies (AABS) 60 X X X X
Criminal Justice (AA) 60 X
Ministry Leadership (AA) 60 X
Concentrated Bible Certificate (CBC) 30 X X X X


Programs Credits Online Lancaster Washington DC Philadelphia
Business Administration 18 X X
Communication 15 X
Community Transformation & Social Engagement 12 X
Criminal Justice 15 X
Human Services 15 X X
Pastoral Ministry 12 X X
Sport Management 15 X

Earn Your Degree Fast with a Flexible Schedule

You may need to complete as little as 10 courses in order to earn your bachelor’s degree through our accelerated program. Full-time students who take 4 courses during each six-month term can usually complete their degree in just 15 months! Some students have finished their 10 courses in just 8 months or less. Part-time students might opt to finish their degree over two years of study.

Whatever you decide, we are committed to customizing a schedule for you that offers the greatest flexibility and shortest time to finishing your degree or certificate – at the pace you select. LBC offers bachelor’s degrees, associates degrees, minors and certificate options.

  • In Class students taking on-site classes come once a week for five weeks per course. Our courses typically meet on Tuesday nights from 6 to 10 PM. During the sixth week of the course, the class does not meet so that students can complete their course work.
  • Online students taking online courses are not required to attend class at any time. Instead, they engage in collaborative learning through Canvas 101, our learning management system. Learn more about studying online here.

What is Life Experience Credit?

Life experience credit is college credit a student can earn based on prior learning through their life experience. A student can earn up to 30 tuition-free credits through our Credit for Prior Learning evaluation process (see related fees). External documentation must be provided to verify the life experience. Talk to an admissions counselor for more information.

Prior learning credit must:

  • Be documented learning, not just experience or exposure
  • Be college-level learning
  • Not have resulted in college credit previously

FAQs for Adult Education (Accelerated)

How much time will I need to spend in studies each week?

Our adult education students typically earn 24 credits in 12 months, by focusing on one course at a time, for 6 weeks. Students can expect to spend about 20 hours per week on a course. For an on campus course this estimate includes the hours spent in a classroom as well as the homework and study hours. This program is designed to fit within already busy schedules. Many students are able to handle this workload in addition to other significant responsibilities (work, family, church, and more). In comparison, our traditional students earn 30 credits in 8 months and spend approximately 50 hours per week on their studies.

How much will it cost?

Please view our Financial Aid section for the latest information concerning tuition and fees.

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