Undergraduate Majors

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Arts & Sciences

Hands-on experiences, Christ-centered training, and a strong foundation in theory and ethics are used to prepare students for careers as effective communicators in a secular world.

Bible & Theology

Students have the flexibility to choose courses from various professional departments, while also receiving the same core Bible & theology and arts & sciences courses as all other LBC majors.

Business Administration

Students will be instructed, trained, and discipled by experienced corporate leaders and entrepreneurs who integrate their biblical worldview and practical experience to equip future business leaders.

Church & Ministry Leadership

Each major is designed to create servant leaders and focuses on growing each student’s spiritual giftedness and passion while pursuing God’s calling.

Communication & Media Arts

Students will receive hands-on experience, Christ-centered training, and a strong foundation in theory and ethics to prepare for careers as effective communicators in a secular world.

Counseling & Social Work

Students are encouraged to understand, evaluate, and practice counseling and social work theory and methods from a biblical perspective.


Prepares students to be professional educators who can construct lessons and activities for children in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade.

Health & Physical Education

Integrates essential managerial skill development with effective ministry training. Students receive instruction from professionals with experience working in the field.

Music, Worship & Performing Arts

Develops highly-skilled artists to influence culture with grace and truth.


Students enrolled in a bachelor’s degree have the option to add a minor. Doing so may change your completion rate. We advise checking with your advisor first. Biblical Studies majors will need to declare a minor. These are the minors available:

Special Academic Programs

  • 2-Year Programs. Associate, completing a bachelor, and 1-year certificate programs.
  • LBC Gap Semester. LBC Gap lasts for one semester (about four months.) This innovative semester gives you a chance to test drive the college experience and see if it’s the right fit for you.
  • Jumpstart. High school juniors and seniors can take one tuition-free course each fall and spring semester.
  • Study Abroad. Earn Bible credits through approved school partnerships.

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