Health & Physical Education Degree

Bachelor of Science in Education (BSEd)



Course Length

16 weeks (semester)

Delivery Method

Traditional, On Campus at Lancaster, PA

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Our bodies are the dwelling place of God. And in the Gospels, Jesus commands us to love Him with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. At Lancaster Bible College, we know the value of health & physical education and strive to train up teachers who care for the whole student: mind, body and soul.

LBC’s health & physical education program is unique for a number of reasons: our students have the opportunity to teach and instruct students in their first semester, biblical principles are integrated into each course in the curriculum, assignments are designed to have practical application with long-term value as future educators.

At LBC, our students learn from caring, experienced professionals in the field and enjoy small class sizes. Additionally, our students fulfill multiple internships, practicum and student teaching requirements that place them in diverse educational settings. When you study health & physical education at Lancaster Bible College, you’ll get the chance to practice your skills in both Christian and public schools, and get a taste of what teaching on the elementary, middle and high school level is like—and all that happens before you even graduate.

Students who choose LBC’s health & physical education program leave the college with firm foundation in teaching the disciplines of their major, create a repertoire of games and activities to use in their own classes, graduate with double majors (one in biblical studies and the other in health & physical education) and receive multiple certifications on top of their degree to set them apart from the competition.

If you’re looking for a program that will give you practical, hands-on experience teaching health & physical education while also giving you an education based on the truth of the Bible, consider applying to LBC.

Where LBC Students Have Interned or Student Taught

  • Local Christian schools: Manheim Christian Day School, West Fallowfield Christian School
  • Local public schools: Manheim Township Middle School, Hempfield High School, Ephrata High School, Eastern York Middle School, Brecknock Elementary School, Locust Grove Elementary School, Mifflinburg Area Intermediate School

License, Certification & Credential Information

Graduates from this major receive Pennsylvania Instructional I Certificate (K-12) and ACSI Standard Teaching Certificate in health and physical education (K-12)

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Health & Physical Education Program Scope

Bachelor of Science in Education (BSEd) (136 Credits)

LBC Foundation Studies Courses 4 Credits

Bible & Theology Core Courses 30 Credits

Arts & Sciences Core Courses 41 Credits

Major Courses 61 Credits

View the Academic Catalog for the complete curriculum plan, course descriptions and complete program details.

Study Health & Physical Education
HPE Professors Who Care

Hear from Camryn, a graduate, about how her HPE professors influenced and befriend her.

What makes the LBC Health & Physical Education program unique?
  • Earn your health & physical education degree in just four years—most other schools require five years for similar programs.
  • Receive teaching certification in PA and certification from the Association of Christian Schools International.
  • On top of earning your PA teacher certification, you’ll graduate with first aid certification and coaching certification.

Programs leading to teacher certification are approved by Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE).

What are career paths with a bachelor's in Health & Physical Education degree?

The Health & Physical Education bachelor’s degree prepares students for various of educational contexts. Here is a sampling of careers and opportunities this degree affords:

  • Athletic Director/Administrator
  • K-12 Physical Education Teacher
  • K-12 Health Teacher
  • Recreation or Camp Director
Health & Physical Education Program Goals – In this program, students will…
  • Plan, create and implement health and physical education instructional materials with biblical integration.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of current trends in health and physical education while incorporating technology to analyze and interpret data.
  • Design and utilize assessment tools to evaluate student learning.
  • Identify teaching strategies to meet the needs of diverse learners.
  • Develop communication skills with individuals and groups; disseminate information in a variety of oral, written and electronic formats.
Core Courses for a Health & Physical Education Major

EDU 103 Professional Seminar I
HPE 120 Measurement and Evaluation for PE
HPE 110 Admin of PE and Sport Programs
HPE 100 HPE Seminar (7 semesters)
HPE 200 Concepts of Major Sports
HPE 105 Intro to the PE/Sport Coach Profession
EDU 204 Instructional Design
PHE 310 Personal Health & Nutrition
EDU 333 The Exceptional Child
HPE 202 HPE Instructional Design
HPE 201 Principles of Health Education
HPE 311 Teaching Elementary HPE
HPE 356 School Health I
HPE 160 Outdoor Education
HPE 359 School Health II
HPE 411 Teaching Secondary HPE
EDU 410 Teaching the English Language Learner
EDU 350 Professional Seminar II
EDU 450 Practicum
HPE 331 Adapted Health & Physical Education
EDU 499 Student Teaching
EDU 461 Cross Cultural Experience
EDU 493 Professional Seminar III
HPE 170 Aquatics
EDU 301 Internship I
EDU 302 Internship II
EDU 401 Internship III

Meet the HPE Faculty

Tom Randolph, EdD
Gwen Shenk, MEd
Part-time Faculty

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