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If you want to work in the creative side of business, a marketing degree will get you there. In this program, you’ll get the ins and outs of the business marketing world from real-life professionals on Lancaster Bible College’s beautiful campus.

In our business marketing degree, you’ll learn relevant topics like accounting, finance, business law and marketing – all presented through the lens of a biblical worldview. To ensure that our students are well-prepared to enter the job force, students earning a bachelor of business marketing will develop a professional portfolio over the course of their academic career to showcase their blossoming marketing skills.

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  • Study at a college that the Wall Street Journal ranked 3rd in the nation for career preparation in 2018.
  • Earn your degree from an accredited Bible college in PA.
  • Learn from professionals in the industry
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Program Credits: 126

Locations: Lancaster


Bachelor of Science with majors in Marketing and Biblical Studies


  • Digital Marketing Intern
  • Online Advertising Coordinator
  • Business Management Assistant


  • Traditional
  • Online & Evening (Adult Education)
  • Available as Minor

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not man.” – Colossians 3:23

A Closer Look: Business Administration Department

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Business in Action on Campus

JJ Sanchez talks about his experience managing LBC’s three on campus cafes and the real-world experience it gave him in the food industry.

Meet the Faculty

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Martin Sauer, MBA

Assistant Professor, Chair, Business Administration Department

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Anjanette Bender, JD

Associate Chair, Business Administration

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Larry Rohrer

Adjunct Faculty

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Ted Mavraganis

Career Development Advisor

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Jeremy Campbell, DBA

Associate Professor

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Sample Course Outline

BUS 102 – Introduction to Business

This introductory course will investigate the role business plays in society and will discuss using a career in business as an area of ministry. Through an examination of the major functional areas of a business, students will be better able to determine the use of business as a career and ministry path. The biblical character of Nehemiah will be used as a case study to help students consider the necessary skills and perspective Christians need to be successful in life and the business world.

BUS 221 – Business Workshop I

The business workshop experience will help students develop and utilize critical and reflective thinking abilities and explore effective communication skills. Particular emphasis will be on creating interactive experiences that help students understand and utilize their individual leaderships styles in various situations, demonstrate an understanding of group dynamics and effective teamwork, and display the ability to interrelate and establish meaningful relationships with others. Business Workshop I begins the sequence of workshop experiences by helping students discover their leadership style and develop a process for assessing situations by finding facts and interpreting them appropriately.

MAT 218 – Applied Business Mathematics

This course will have a business focus making use of quantitative analysis to analyze real-world problems with a biblical worldview integrated throughout. Business leaders must have an understanding of mathematics to collect, organize, and analyze critical data. This course applies students’ interpretation of mathematical concepts to common business usage covering such topics as percentages, interest, trade, bank and cash discounts, payroll, time value of money, and business loans.

BUS 205 – Finance

This course will examine how an organization operates financially, how money flows through an organization and how to develop successful financial business strategies. How to use financial statements to make business decisions will be presented. This course is business-oriented with a particular emphasis on practical applications and problem-solving techniques.

BUS 302 – Marketing

This course is an introduction to marketing and the role marketing has in a business. The components of the marketing mix and marketing environment will be examined. Emphasis will be placed on marketing strategies, market segmentation, packaging and labeling, promotion, pricing decisions, and regulatory and competitive forces. Students will develop a marketing plan for an organization.

BUS 415 – Managerial Economics

This course will focus on the application of economic and accounting information to a business setting. The ultimate goal will be to teach the students to use data to increase profitability. The focus will be microeconomic theory in a practical setting and will include forecasting of demand, supply, and production. Students will learn how to develop costs and utilize them in making pricing and production decisions.

BUS 307 – Business Law

This course is conducted using case law and hypothetical business scenarios in order to observe the application of legal concepts in a business environment. The student will gain an understanding of the legal framework in which a business must operate. Subjects studied will include contracts, torts, uniform commercial code, ethical and criminal components of business decisions, and organization of business entities. Students will apply a biblical worldview and appropriate business ethics when considering and applying law to business.

BUS 425 – Personal Finance

This course offers study in the area of personal finance and money management. Students will examine personal financial management, consumer decision-making, and investments while applying biblical principles. The course covers topics such as understanding and appreciating the financial planning process, debt, saving, retirement planning, taxes, estate planning, behavioral finance and risk management. Specific investment products studied include individual equities, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, alternative investments (including hedge funds, private equity funds, and commodities), annuities, and insurance products.

BUS 400 – Cross-Cultural Experience

This course will familiarize the business student with the complexity of cross-cultural understanding and issues by visiting an international location. The student will see firsthand the complexities of ministering within another culture and getting a handle on issues businesses face in these cultures. The intent is to look for ways we might be able to partner or help these businesses become stronger.

MKT 405 – Marketing Research

Marketing research supports and validates the marketing strategy of a company.  Product, price, place and promotions are all considered along with the appropriate demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioristic segmentation.  Students will take Biblical concepts learned in Consumer Behavior regarding the Christian point of view of behavioristic and psychographic reasons and further develop these in practicing marketing research.  Students will learn and practice key concepts, techniques and processes.  Research design, qualitative vs quantitative data, and analysis are all covered in this course.

BUS 430- Solution Selling

This course provides an overview of professional selling environments and their role in taking new products and services to market.  The emphasis is on establishing high level relationships, strategic selling, account planning and management, forecasting, and garnering necessary resources to be successful in competitive selling situations.  Using biblical principles of integrity, honesty, and open communication will be integral to coursework.  Advocate for financing arrangements such as fee-for-service, managed care, capitation, deductibles, and co-payments and teach the client about these issues.

COM 202- Communication Principles and Practices

This course will provide students with techniques for criticism, analysis, and interpretation of communication messages. Also, the elements of a specific communication emphasis, regarding its history, appreciation and impact, will be investigated. This course will address the relationship between the impact of a biblical worldview and the development of a communication field. Finally, students will be introduced to standard industry practices of their field.

Jobs and Careers in Marketing

  • Marketing Executive
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Account Executive
  • Digital Media Specialist
  • Marketing Manager
  • Advertising Executive

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