Youth & Young Adult Ministry Degree

Bachelor of Arts (BA)



Course Length

16 weeks (semester)

Delivery Method

Traditional, On-Campus Lancaster, PA

Why Study Youth & Young Adult Ministry at LBC?

During the crucial and formative period of adolescence, young people need Christian adults who will listen to them and care for them. At Lancaster Bible College, we develop youth ministry leaders who are passionate for God, who understand the unique needs and experiences of teens and who are committed to guiding them on their journeys to become disciples of Jesus Christ.

Through a robust and creative academic program taught by faculty with extensive experience, students earning a youth ministry degree at LBC learn both the theoretical principles and practical leadership skills necessary to teach, disciple and lead young people in a variety of ministry contexts – like churches, parachurch organizations, camp ministries, college student ministries, community centers and more. Youth & Young Adult Ministry majors must present or debate in every youth ministry course to strengthen their apologetics skills and complete practical and Bible-based assignments in every course to round out their degree in youth ministry.

Many of our youth ministry classes intentionally emulate the team-based work environments that equip students to be able to work well and lead in small and large leadership team contexts. Through a variety of fieldwork opportunities, students are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as a youth ministry leader in the real world. Plus, our flexible programming allows student ministry majors to customize academic experiences by choosing from a variety of minors to help prepare for the unique ministry opportunities of the future.

All new youth ministry students are mentored by an upperclassman and take an introductory course which acquaints them with program expectations, future courses, other youth ministry students, alumni and local youth ministry leaders. Informal gatherings to read the Bible, eat a meal or hang out together facilitate relationships, which then enhance classroom learning experiences.

So, if you’re passionate about making a spiritual impact in the lives of young people, consider studying Youth & Young Adult ministry at Lancaster Bible College.

Where LBC Students Have Interned

  • Senior High & Junior High Youth Ministry Interns at Local & Regional Churches
  • Director of After-School Program in Urban Environments
  • Outdoor Recreation and Camping Ministry Intern

Can I Transfer Credits?

Yes! Read about LBC’s transfer policy.

Other Youth & Young Adult Ministry Program Options

Bachelor’s + Master’s Option (4+1)
Minor – 15 credits
See more information further down this page.

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Youth & Young Adult Ministry Program Scope

Bachelor of Arts (BA) (122 Credits)

LBC Foundation Studies Courses 4 Credits

Bible & Theology Core Courses 30 Credits

Arts & Sciences Core Courses 31 Credits

Major Courses 45 Credits

Exploration Studies Courses 12 Credits

View the Academic Catalog for the complete curriculum plan, course descriptions and program details.

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What makes this LBC Youth & Young Adult Ministry program unique?
  • You’ll learn from long-time professionals who have served in cross-cultural contexts.
  • Get real, hands-on experience serving in ministry as a part of the curriculum.
  • Students enjoy small class sizes that allow for one-on-one interactions with caring professors.
What are career paths with a Youth & Young Adult Ministry bachelor's degree?

The Youth & Young Adult Ministry bachelor’s degree prepares students for a wide range of technical and/or ministry contexts. Here is a sampling of careers and opportunities this degree affords:

  • Camping Ministry
  • Christian Education
  • College/Campus Ministry
  • Community Worker
  • Sports Ministry
  • Urban Youth Ministry
  • Youth Pastor
  • Youth Worker
Youth & Young Adult Ministry Program Goals – In this program, students will…
  • Reflect the character of Christ in both passion and competence in making disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • Evaluate, synthesize and integrate key discoveries from the Bible, systems theory, attachment theory and social-cognitive-learning-theory into their practical youth work and ministry.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and sober spirit relative to the macro- and micro- system cultural influences on the average teenager.
  • Listen to adolescents skillfully.
  • Guide, mentor, counsel and disciple teenagers from all walks of life.
  • Create macro and micro teaching curriculums and lessons that demonstrate creativity and consideration of multiple missional, sociological and developmental methods, issues and stages.
  • Provide material which will serve them well as a resource in ministry or as an avenue to securing a ministry position or entrance into graduate education.
Core Courses in the Youth & Young Adult Ministry Program

CML 102 Foundations of Ministry
CML 210 Fundamentals of Leadership
CML 324 Spiritual Formation of Ministry Leaders
CML Major Elective [2]
THE 303 Theology of Children, Youth and Family
YMN 111 Foundations of Youth and Young Adult Ministry
YMN 202 Adolescent Development in Culture
YMN 210 Teaching Youth & Young Adults
YMN 301 Strategic Programming for YMN
YMN 320 Counseling Adolescents
CFM 421 Community Ministry
YMN 401 Adolescent Spiritual Formation
YMN 350 YMN Internship
YMN 450 YMN Practicum
CML 400 Cross Cultural Experience

Minoring in the Youth & Young Adult Ministry Program

These are the required courses for a minor in Youth & Young Adult Ministry (15 credits)

  • YMN 111 Foundations of Youth Ministry (3)
  • YMN 202 Adolescent Development in Culture (3)
  • YMN 320 Counseling Adolescents (3)
  • YMN 350 Youth & Young Adult Ministry Intern. (3)
  • YMN 401 Adolescent Spiritual Formation (3)

View the Academic Catalog for details.

Bachelor + Master Options in Youth & Young Adult Ministry

LBC | Capital’s unique 4+1 program provides students the opportunity to earn their undergraduate BA degree in Youth & Young Adult Ministry while also pursuing a Master of Arts either in Ministry (MAM) or Biblical Studies (MABS). A student can experience all the benefits of dynamic undergraduate student life all five years while maximize your time in college and minimize the cost of your education without sacrificing the quality of your experience. Graduate-level courses taken during undergraduate studies fulfill both undergraduate elective requirements and graduate program requirements.  In the 4+1 program, students are dual-enrolled in LBC and Capital Seminary & Graduate School.

A student may opt for the 4+1 track at any point up through the beginning of their junior year. Before a student is formally admitted to the track, an evaluation will be conducted by their academic advisor. The evaluation considers the student’s previous academic performance, character and ability, and the recommendation of another LBC faculty member. Students that complete the 4+1 program can start their professional career sooner with the right credentials.

Meet the Faculty

Richard Rosati, MA
Youth & Young Adult Program Director
Dave Coryell, DMin
Adjunct Faculty
Casey Barton, PhD
Director of the Pastoral Ministry Program

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