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Sharing the Hope of Christ 

It's no secret that being a teenager can be tough. During this crucial and formative period of their lives, young people need caring, Christian leaders to meet them where they’re at and walk with them on a journey of discipleship. At Lancaster Bible College, we develop those mentors - leaders who are passionate for God, who understand the unique needs and experiences of teens, and who are committed to making a spiritual impact on their lives.

At LBC, we encourage and equip you to deepen your own personal faith, apply learning in real world ministry environments, and minister to young men and women along their unique adolescent journeys. Through a robust and creative academic program taught by caring faculty mentors, you'll learn both the practical skills and the leadership principles you need to teach, disciple and lead young people in a variety of ministry contexts, like churches, parachurch organizations, camping ministries, community centers and more. 

When you study youth ministry at LBC, you're gaining the advantage of learning from youth ministry professionals with years of practical ministry experience in a variety of backgrounds. Their commitment to biblical mentoring means that you’ll leave your classes with practical lessons that you can apply to your own life and ministry. Many of our student ministry classes are intentionally designed to emulate the team-based work environments that you’ll encounter in churches and other organizations.

Our student ministry program also places a strong emphasis on the value of getting outside of the classroom to learn ministry hands-on. Through a variety of fieldwork opportunities, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as a youth ministry leader in the real world. Plus, our flexible programming allows you to customize your academic experience by choosing from a variety of minors to help prepare for the unique ministry opportunities of the future.

So, if you’re passionate about making a spiritual impact in the lives of teens, consider studying youth ministry at Lancaster Bible College.

 Why Study Youth & Young Adult Ministry at LBC? 

  • Gain practical, hands-on experience and internships within local churches and parachurch organizations.
  • Enjoy a major that prepares you personally and professionally through academic rigor (head), spiritual formation (heart), and professional ministry experience (hands) in a variety of contexts.
  • Gain practical, hands-on experience through internships within a variety of local, regional, and national churches and parachurch organizations.
  • Learn and apply the truths of the Gospel to your work, your life and your ministry.
  • Benefit from a broad regional network of youth ministry mentors and alumni.

"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity." - 1 Timothy 4:12

A Closer Look: Student Ministry

Carl Edwards LBC

Carl Edwards ('10): 2016 Distinguished Alumni Service Award Recipient

Carl Edwards is a proud graduate of LBC's Church & Ministry Leadership department and currently serves the director of Cross Connection Youth Center in New Holland, Pennsylvania. "Handling the word is very important. I want to do justice to the text," said Edwards of his ministry and education at LBC. "That was one of the biggest things to me - learning how to read the word, learning how to study it, looking it as literal text and applying it. Next is the relational side of ministry - that's where disciples are made. LBC modeled that for me by having people who poured themselves into me." 

Meet The Faculty

Mr. Aaron Brown

Coordinator of Youth & Young Adult Ministry & Discipleship

"My passion is to craft learning experiences for present and future ministry leaders that instill a passion for deep-thinking, foster healthier relationships with God, and nurture a desire to serve Christ humbly in the church and in society. My prayer is that through such shared education experiences both teacher and student look more like Jesus than we did at the beginning." — Mr. Brown

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Dr. Ronald Belsterling


"Those who convey cognitive and practical knowledge with zealous regard inspire willing partners in the teaching-learning process." — Dr. Belsterling

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Dr. Rick Rhoads

Chair of the Church & Ministry Leadership Department

"Who we are... And how we live together... Is what we teach..." — Dr. Rhoads

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Careers and Jobs in Youth & Young Adult Ministry

  • Youth Pastor
  • Volunteer Youth Worker
  • Community Worker
  • College/Campus Ministry
  • Urban Youth Ministry
  • Sports Ministry
  • Christian Education

Sample Course Outline

CML 102 - Foundations of Ministry & Discipleship

This course will serve as an introduction to the ministry of the local church. Emphasis will be placed on the holistic integration of discipleship and spiritual formation principles. Students will evaluate models of ministry and develop a comprehensive discipleship plan.

CML 102 - Foundations of Ministry & Discipleship

This seminar course is designed as a spiritual formation weekend retreat to introduce students to the ethos of the Department of Church and Ministry Leadership. Students will participate in community, learn principles of missional living, and experience selected spiritual disciplines.

CML 210 - Fundamentals of Leadership

Building on a foundation of personal character development, this course will overview theological components essential for effective leadership. Student will learn strategies for team building, conflict management and leading change.

STM 102 - Student Development & Culture

This course explores the physical, cognitive, moral, and social identity, as well as spiritual development of adolescents. Special attention will be given to modern day culture and the fluidness in which our students are being raised. We will also explore the relationships between student development and culture, understanding implications for ministry, and identifying principles for responding to culture.

STM 311 - Foundations of Student Ministry

This course is designed to assess and create missional student ministry goals, principles, methods, and materials needed to develop an effective work within the local church or non-church student ministry settings. Special attention is given to creating a theology and philosophy of student ministry. The student ministry worker will also be equipped in shepherding, mentoring, leadership, and administrative roles.

STM 315 - Student & Family Counseling

This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of counseling adolescents and their respective family systems. We will address common issues facing youth culture, developmental issues, approaches to counseling methods, and special topics pertaining to adolescents. Special attention is given to teen issues such as suicide, parent/teen relationships, divorce recovery, sexual issues, vocational guidance, self-image, substance abuse, and cutting.

STM 402 - Discipleship & Prayer

This course will develop skills in personal discipling through one on one experience. Methods of holistic discipleship will be taught and applied throughout the student’s natural pathway of life. Students will become, and learn to teach others to become, global prayer intercessors. The role of prayer is studied in relation to unreached people groups, revival evangelism, spiritual disciplines, and fasting.

CML 440 - Cross-Cultural Experience

By visiting the birthplace of the world’s three largest religions, students experience the intersection of cultural, religious, geographical, and historical realities. Ultimately, students are better prepared to understand and communicate biblical truth.

CML 450C - Student Ministry Practicum

This course is an in-service program for the purpose of providing direct experience under the supervision of a qualified professional and the ministry advisor. Development of a personal philosophy of ministry, doctrinal statement, resume, and ministry experience portfolio will serve as a capstone to students’ preparation for future professional position.

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