Meet Our Team

Michael Anthony, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
Stephen Atherholt, MFA
Director of Musical Theatre
James Ayers
Professor Emeritus
Jenee Bare, MA
Adjunct Faculty
Mike Barker, BFA
Adjunct Faculty
LaSondra Barnes, DMin
Director of Master of Arts in Ministry Program, Assistant Professor
Michelle Barraclough, MM
Adjunct Faculty - Flute Instructor/Orchestra Mentor
Casey Barton
Director of Pastoral Ministries
Rod Baughman
Assistant Athletics Director for Fundraising & Mentorship
Thomas Beck, MDiv
Adjunct Faculty
Angela Becker, EdD
Adjunct Faculty
Pete Beers, MSS
Vice President of Traditional Undergraduate Education
Brent Behrenshausen, MM
Adjunct Faculty - Percussion Ensemble
Sherry Bell, MEd, MA
Manager of Faculty Support - Washington, D.C.
Camille Bellino, BA
Academic Mentoring Services Coordinator
Kirk Belmont
Adjunct Faculty
Anjanette Bender, JD
Associate Chair, Business Administration
Kendra Bigley, BMus
Adjunct Faculty
Robert Bigley, DMA
Professor, Director of Choral Studies and Chorale & Chamber Singers, Director of Arts and Culture Series
Rob Blanks, MDiv
LBC-PDN Liaison, Director of Pastoral Ministry Degree
Kimberly Blest, MA, LPC
Director, Counseling & Care Center
Melissa Boas, MEd
Assistant Professor; Director for Professional School Counseling & BS Psychology Programs
Shelby Bowers, MS
Adjunct Faculty
Douglas Bozung, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
Kristen Brewer, BMus
Adjunct Faculty
Jeff Briggs, PhD
Adjunct Faculty, Sports Management Expert Designer & Manager
Robin Bronkema, PhD
Assistant Professor and Director of Graduate Programs
T Cedric Brown, DMin
Adjunct Faculty
Joseph Brown
Director of Global Student Success
Anthony Bruno
Assistant Professor & Liaison for Adult Education
Stephanie Brussel
Admissions Counselor
Ned Bustard
Adjunct Faculty
Day Butcher, EdD
Assistant Professor
Andrea Calderon
Adjunct Faculty - Dance
Jeremy Campbell, DBA
Adjunct Faculty
Liliana Carrano
Jr. Admissions Counselor International Recruiter
Daniel Carver, PhD
Assistant Professor
Krissi Castor, DA
Assistant Professor, English Composition Coordinator
Jael K.D.L.V. Chambers
Executive Vice President
Elisa Chodan, MM
Director of Women’s Chorus
Caleb Chow, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
John Churchville, JD
Professor, Criminal Justice ProgramDirector
Shanika Churchville, MSEd
Director of the Ally Center
William Coder
Gift Officer
Chelsea Cook
Adjunct Faculty
Rodney Cooper, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
Wayne Cordeiro
MAFL Lead Mentor
Debra Johnson-Cortesi, PhD
Professor, Senior Instructional Designer
Dave Coryell, DMin
Adjunct Faculty
D. Fredrica Brooks-Davis, PsyD
Adjunct Faculty
Ling Dinse, DSW
Adjunct Faculty
Bob Dodson, EdD
Professor, Certification Officer, Field Placement Coordinator
Sean Dougherty, MEd/MS
Associate Provost for Student Success
Mark Draper, PhD
Director of Library Services, Associate Professor
Mark Eckel, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
Cheryl Stewart Elliot
Adjunct Faculty - Strings (violin)
Mark Farnham, PhD
Professor, MA in Christian Apologetics Program Director
Mary Ann Filler
Assistant Professor & Coordinator of Mathematics
Douglas Finkbeiner, PhD
Professor and MABS Director
Michael Freeman, DEd
Professor, Communication Program Director
Zach Freeman, MS
Director of Advancement Operations
and Adjunct Faculty in HPE
David Fry, MA
Adjunct Faculty
Joshua Fulmer
Admissions Recruiter
David Gaines, Sr., MDiv
Global Site Director, Washington, DC
Ryan Geesaman, MS
Assistant Professor, Chair of the Communication & Media Arts Department
Tyler Gehman, LSW
Assistant Professor, BSW Program Director
Bruce Gerlach, DMA
Part-time Faculty
Bruno Giamba, ThM
Adjunct Faculty
Heidi Gifford
Gifts Processor
Ryan Gottier, MS
Adjunct Faculty, Sports Management Expert Designer & Manager
Gordon Gregory, D.Th.
Professor of Bible & Theology, Faculty Athletic Representative
Kevin Gushiken, PhD
Professor, PhD in Leadership Program Director
Gene Habecker, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
Joy Hall, MABS
Adjunct Faculty
Doris Hall-Gulati, MM
Adjunct Faculty - Woodwinds (clarinet, bass clarinet & saxophone)
John Hamilton, MM
Applied Lesson Instructor – Strings (Viola)
Samuel Harbin, DMin
Professor, Chair of Bible & Theology Department
Justin Harbin, PhD
Director of the Center for Teaching & Learning, Assistant Professor of Education
Edgar B. Hardesty, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
Ryan Hartwig, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
Judy Heckaman, BS
Assistant to the President
Christina Helfrick
Assistant Professor in the Master in Social Work Program
Shirley Faye Herr, RN, MSN
Adjunct Faculty
Julia Hershey, DEd
Associate Provost for Academics
Austin A. Hess, MA
Adjunct Faculty
Guy Higashi, DMiss
MAFL Lead Mentor
Brian Hobbs, EdS
Adjunct Faculty, HPE Expert Designer & Manager
Noelle Holmes
Global Admissions Counselor
Sung Hong, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
Heath Hooper, PhD
Adjunct Faculty, Sports Management Expert Designer & Manager
Jackie Hoover, EdD
Adjunct Faculty Sport Management, Head Lacrosse Coach
Daniel Hyun, DMin
Adjunct Faculty
Kevin Jackson, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
Robin Jeffers, MEd
Instructional Designer & Adjunct Faculty
Tracey Johnston, BA
Adjunct Faculty
Lavonne Johnston, MS
Adjunct Faculty
Krish Kandiah
Adjunct Faculty
Scott Keating, MS
Vice President of Advancement
Andrew Keenan, MA
Adjunct Faculty
Chris Keeney, BMus
Adjunct Faculty - Guitar
Abby Keiser, MS
Adjunct Faculty
Tara Kenkelen, BA
Adjunct Faculty - Strings (violin, LBC Orchestra Concertmaster)
Peter Kenote, DMA
Adjunct Faculty - Strings (viola, LBC Orchestra Coach)
Thomas Kiedis, PhD, DMin
Joe Kim, PhD
Professor of Bible & Theology
Charleton King, EdD
Adjunct Faculty & Instructional Designer
Chris Kirkpatrick
Assistant Professor, Education Dept
Kristina Klopp, MEd
Adjunct Faculty
Kyle Kouterick, PhD
Professor of Natural Sciences
Kenneth Laudermilch, DMA
Adjunct Professor of Trumpet
Matt W. Lee, PhD
Director of Master of Divinity
Chris Lenhart, MRE
Adjunct Faculty, Sports Management Expert Designer & Manager
Kate Leonard
Senior Admissions Counselor
John Lepera, ThD
Adjunct Faculty
Miles Skip Lewis
Professor Emeritus
David Lingham
Manager Recruitment & Admissions, Adjunct Faculty
Jenell Magnant
Global Admissions Counselor
Caroline Majeski
Department Assistant
Rochelle Marshall
Faculty Advisor to Student Council
Jeffrey Martin, MM
Assistant Professor, Director of Vocal Studies, Director of Chapel Guild
Stacey Martin, EdD
Education Department Chair
Abigail Martin, ABD
Adjunct Faculty - Vocal
Matt Mason, BS
Vice President of Finance
Katie Matranga
Admissions Counselor
Ted Mavraganis
Career Development Advisor
Rhonda McClenton, PhD
Faculty & Ally Center Associate Director
Matt McDonald
Assistant Director of Admissions
Derek Melleby
Director of Calling & Career Development, Academic Affairs
Kim Melton, MA
Adjunct Faculty
Mark Menga, PhD
Associate Professor
Mark Meyer, PhD
Professor, PhD in Biblical Studies Program Director
Kurt Miller, DSW
Professor, Masters of Social Work Program Director
Joseph Mina, BS
Adjunct Faculty
Jeff Mindler
Lead Admissions Counselor, Adjunct Faculty
Amy Mongiovi, MA
Writer, Editor, Media Coordinator, Adjunct Faculty
Matt Monticchio
Adjunct Faculty - Jazz/Contemporary Piano
Cynthia Moore
Enrollment Support Assistant & Receptionist
Dale Mort, PhD
Professor Emeritus
Paul Mulholland, CFP®, MBA
Adjunct Faculty
Olivia Murrin, MA
Adjunct Faculty
Gene Newswanger
Adjunct Faculty
Timothy Nicholls, PhD
Professor of Bible & Theology
Kimberly Buchar Nolet, DMA
Adjunct Faculty - Woodwinds (bassoon)
Joshua Novalis
Adjunct Faculty
Anne Nye, BMus
Adjunct Faculty - Brass (French horn)
Sheila O’Gara
Healthcare Management Program Director
Brittany Ober
Adjunct Faculty
Sophia Ogunlana, EdD
Assistant Professor, Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program Director- Washington, D.C. Location
Jared Oliphint, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
Chantelle Patschke
ESL & Student Support Specialist
Rodney Pearce, MDiv
Adjunct Faculty
Randal Pelton, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
Ben Petersheim, MA
Adjunct Faculty
Marteal Pitts, MDiv
Student Success Coach/Advisor, Global Undergraduate Adult Education
Lena Poff
Director of Admissions
Steven Polonus, PhD
Adjunct Faculty, Subject Matter Expert Designer & Manager
Ryan Reed, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
Jonathan Reese, MA
Adjunct Faculty
Geoffrey Reiter, PhD
Interim Department A&S Chair, Associate Professor, Coordinator of Literature
Randall Renninger, BS
Adjunct Faculty
Rev. Zachary Ritvalsky, MA
Vice President of Institutional Alignment
William (Bill) Rodruan, BS
Adjunct Faculty
Larry Rohrer
Adjunct Faculty
Charles Ross, ThM
Adjunct Faculty
Michael Ross, PhD
Adjunct Faculty, Subject Matter Expert Designer & Manager
Kara Ruckman
Global Admissions Counselor,
Praveen Rudra, MA
Assistant Professor, Clinical Counseling Manager, Multicultural Liaison
Rachel Russell, MMus
Adjunct Faculty - Music Ed
Martin Sauer, MBA
Assistant Professor, Chair, Business Administration Department
Ed Scheuerman, DMiss
Professor, Director of Intercultural Studies
Thom Scott
Faculty, Communication
Nicky Sefiane, MA
Financial Aid Coordinator
Jon Shacklett, MA
Assistant Professor
Nathan Shannon, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
Timothy Shea, PhD
Assistant Professor
Gwen Shenk, MEd
Part-time Faculty
Tony Shetter, PhD
Assistant Professor, Associate Chair of Bible & Theology
Rachel Sidebothom, MEd
Assistant Professor, Director of Music Education Studies, Oboe Instructor, Director of Chamber Ensembles, Associate Chair of MWPA
Timothy Sidebothom, PhD
Professor, Director of Music: Elective Studies
Jesse Skaggs, MEd
Adjunct Faculty
Erin Smith
Assistant Professor, Marketing Program Director
Sheannea Smith
Global Recruiter
Tanya Solomon, PhD
Philadelphia Site Director
Mark Sooy, DMin
Adjunct Faculty
Daniel Spanjer, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
Justin Steele, PsyD
Adjunct Faculty - Counseling
Danika Steinmetz, BFA
Dance Instructor
Ron Stimeare, MA
Adjunct Faculty
Rebekah Strangarity, MA
Adjunct Faculty
David Swan
Adjunct Faculty
Josh Swartz, MDiv
Manager of Instructional Technology/Adjunct Faculty
Marc Talbert, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
Peter W. Teague
President Emeritus
Jevon Thompson, DM
Assistant Professor
Paul Thorlakson, DMA
Professor, Director of Piano Studies, Director of LBC Orchestra, Chair of Music, Worship & Performing Arts Department
Rebecca Toews, MA
Adjunct Faculty
Rev. Timothy Torres, MDiv
Campus Pastor
Lauren Turner, MS
Adjunct Faculty, HPE Expert Designer & Manager
Greg Wahl
Adjunct Faculty
Harold “Beau” Walker, PhD
Vice President of Global Education
Catherine Walker, BFA
Applied Voice Teacher
Tyler Webb
Director of Student Care
Christie Werkheiser, MA
Accessibility Coordinator
Del Wesley, MA
Adjunct Faculty
Jessica Whitmore, MA
Adjunct Faculty
Madison Wilson, BA
Department Assistant for Student Success
Lisa Witmer
Assistant Professor & Field Director of Master of Social Work Program
Arthur Woods, DMin
Adjunct Faculty, Bible & Theology
Mary Yager, MSW
Assistant Professor
Esther Zimmerman, PhD
Church & Ministry Leadership Dept. Chair, Children & Family Ministry Program Director
Amanda Zuschmidt, MEd
Program Director for Sport Management, Assistant Professor