Meet Our Team

Thom Scott, MBA

Assistant Professor, Communication

Department: Communication & Media Arts

Office Location: Lancaster

Thom began his career as a creative in ad agencies before furthering his education and moving to the client side to serve in capacities such as Vice President of Marketing for a public company with over six hundred million dollars in annual revenues, and partner in a professional educational company where he sharpened his abilities to integrate social media, direct mail, and public relations in order to create “movements” that filled stadiums as large as 20,000 and sold well over one million books.

He has worked in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer environments in over 50 different industries and has tied all that experience into his Marketing From the Heart strategies that he has taught throughout the USA – sharing the stage with such luminaries as Zig Ziglar, Bob Proctor, Les Brown, and Lewis Howes. In 2020, Thom left his last full time marketing position at Water Street Mission to join the Communication & Media Arts Department at LBC, where he focuses on integrated marketing communication in all its forms. Thom is passionate about having Kingdom impact through helping his students learn valuable marketplace skills while growing their vision for how God’s Word and their faith can guide them in the workplace. He also continues to serve as an advisor to select for-profit and non-profit organizations.

A home-schooling father of six, Thom lives in East York with his wife, Jody and their youngest son.


Professional Resume Includes:
– Over 30 years of Marketing Communication Leadership experience.
– Recognized Expert in both for profit and non-profit environments.
– Proven experience in over 50 different industries.
– Sought after speaker, author and consultant.


Too often, Christians play “defense” in secular professions by focusing on what they ought not do. I want to inspire and equip students to lead by actively and creatively bringing the Kingdom of God into their workplace and infusing it with God’s love, joy, and excellence!