Master’s & Doctoral Degrees

LBC | Capital Seminary & Graduate School Academic Programs

Master’s and Doctoral Degrees Offered
at Capital Seminary & Graduate School

We firmly believe that learning doesn’t end in the classroom – it’s where it begins. Our programs in Lancaster, PA and Washington, D.C. bring an integrated approach to the study of Scripture that focuses on combining orthodoxy with orthopraxy. Through our masters, doctorates and graduate certificates in both seminary and graduate school tracks, we equip ministry leaders and industry professionals to make an impact in their fields, both locally and across the globe.

LBC | Capital is committed to making quality biblical higher education as accessible as possible to individuals. Our seminary and graduate school tracks offer students two options to take their courses:

ONLINE or HYBRID, a combination of online and in-class instruction.

Both formats are optimized to deliver the unique components of our curriculum so students can choose the option that provides the most flexibility and support for learning alongside life and professional responsibilities.

Professional & PhD Research Doctoral Degrees

Degrees Credits Online Hybrid Lancaster Hybrid Washington
Biblical Studies (PhD) 60
Educational Leadership (EdD) 54
Leadership (PhD) 60
Ministry (DMin) 34

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Masters Degrees

Degrees Credits Online Hybrid Lancaster Hybrid Washington Track
Addiction Counseling (MA) 60 Graduate
Biblical Studies (MABS) 48 Seminary
Business Administration: Nonprofit Management (MBA) 48 Graduate
Christian Apologetics (MA) 36 Seminary
Christian Care (MACC) 48 Seminary
Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MA)-PA 60 Graduate
Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MA)-MD 60 Graduate
Curriculum & Instruction (MEd) 36 Graduate
Divinity (MDiv) 75 Seminary
Divinity – Christian Care (MDiv-CC) 75 Seminary
Divinity – Formational Leadership (MDiv-FL) 75 Seminary
Early Childhood Education (MEd) 39/54 Graduate
English as a Second Language (MEd) 42 Graduate
Formational Leadership (MAFL) 30 Seminary
Health & Physical Education (MEd) 45 Graduate
Marriage, Couple & Family Counseling (MA) 60 Graduate
Ministry (MAM) 42 Seminary
Nonprofit Management (MS) 33 Graduate
Professional School Counseling (MEd) 48 Graduate
Social Work (MSW) 60 Graduate
Special Education (MEd) 42 Graduate
Sport Management (MSS) 36 Graduate
Strategic Communication Leadership (MA) 34 Graduate

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