Marriage, Couple & Family Counseling

Master of Arts in Marriage, Couple & Family Counseling (MA)

60 qualifies for licensure in PA

Avg. Completion Time

3 - 4 years

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Why Study Marriage, Couple & Family Counseling through Capital Seminary & Graduate School?

Everyone struggles – couples, parents and kids, husbands and wives. Learn how to support them in their times of need.

Our master’s degree program in marriage counseling prepares you for success in the field and enables you to sit for the National Counselor Exam in order to become a PA Licensed Professional Counselor. In addition to the core clinical mental health curriculum, you are provided with exposure to evidence-based theories specific to marriage, couple, and family counseling from professors who are licensed and currently practicing. Additionally, the LBC | Capital graduate program experientially immerses you in the Integrated Psychotherapy Model, which systematically intertwines faith-based methods of psychotherapy with research-driven counseling methods. Fully acknowledging God as our ever-present help in time of trouble, as a graduate you will embark on your missional career thoroughly equipped with practical and scholarly professional skills.

If you’re ready to live out your calling to bring reconciliation to the world, apply today.

Course Length

16 weeks

Residency Requirement

Each course meets monthly in person for a minimum of 4 times per semester.

Capstone Requirement

Internship experience

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May request to transfer a maximum of 18 graduate credits (6 courses)

License, Certification, Credential Information

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Program Plan

MA in Marriage, Couple & Family Counseling (60 Credits)

Professional Core 12 Credits

2nd Tier Professional Courses 15 Credits

Marriage/Family Concentration 15 Credits

Electives Courses 6 Credits

Licensure Courses 12 Credits

View the Academic Catalog for the complete curriculum plan, course descriptions and complete program details.

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Program Distinctive - What makes this program at LBC unique?

The program is delivered in a blended format, combining the convenience of online learning, without sacrificing important face-to-face interactions gained from classroom instruction. But that’s not all the makes us unique.

  • Earn your master’s degree in as little as two years.
  • Graduate prepared to sit for the NCE in order to begin your career as a PA LPC.
  • We integrate both faith and science for professionals who hold a Christians view of persons.
  • Maintain your busy work and family schedules with our convenient evening, weekend and online classes.
  • Learn under the tutelage of experienced licensed professional counselors.
Career Paths

The Master of Arts in Marriage, Couple and Family Counseling program will prepare you for a wide range of service and/or ministry contexts. Here’s just a sampling of careers where our MAMCFC alumni serve:

  • Family Therapist
  • Family Counselor
Program Goals – In this program, students will develop…?
  • To equip the student with theoretical orientation that is necessary for addressing human relationships, gender, sexuality, and communication in the context of marriage and family therapy.
  • To provide educational training to enhance the prospective counselor’s clinical skill necessary for marriage and family therapy.
  • To create within the student the ability to conduct critical thinking skills to evaluate theory and practice from a biblical perspective.
  • To provide an emphasis on application of information and knowledge by means of supervised counseling experiences.
  • To develop the student’s knowledge of the foundational elements in counseling theory and research to prepare students for further study.

Course Plan

The following is the proposed schedule for this degree program.

Course Title Credits
CPS 501 Orient. to Prof CNS Identity, Function & Ethics 3
CPS 515 Counseling Theory & Techniques 3
CPS 530 Prof Ethics and Legal Issues in Counseling 3
CPS 508 CNS Skills in Helping Relationships 3
CPS 541 Group Counseling Leadership 3
CPS 505 Research and Program Evaluation 3
CPS 525 Assessment Techniques in Counseling I 3
CPS 583 Multicultural Foundations of Counseling 3
CPS 510 Human Growth & Dev. Across Lifespan 3
CPS 531 Psychopathology and Counseling 3
CPS 588 Career and Lifestyle Development 3
Elective 3
CPS 540 Marriage CNS 3
CPS 550 Family CNS 3
CPS 552 Marriage & Family Issues 3
CPS 572 Addictions Counseling 3
CPS 575 Counseling Children & Adolescent 3
CPS 601 MCF CNS Practicum 3
CPS 602 MCF Internship I 3
CPS 603 MCF Internship II 3

Meet the Faculty

Day Butcher, EdD
Assistant Professor
Jon Shacklett, MA
Assistant Professor

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