Master of Education Professional School Counseling

The Need

At Capital Seminary and Graduate School we realize the desperate need for expertly trained Christian graduate students to serve in our nation’s schools in the role of a Professional School Counselor. Undoubtedly, as our society moves further away from biblical Christianity, the climate and teaching of our schools does as well. There is much room for the light of Christ to shine through our graduate students into a world of education often marked by spiritual darkness.

The Response

A premier, professional school counseling master’s program, we deliver a quality education while valuing students’ time. Founded on a Christian view of persons (e.g. Integrative Psychotherapy Model), the Master of Education in Professional School Counseling (PSC) program caters to current educators, parents of school‐age children, and recently graduated traditional students. We fully utilize cutting edge technology, while teaching students to balance the multiple roles and responsibilities inherent in the field of Professional School Counseling. Our program is set up for students to maximize time spent on campus while offering flexibility with distance learning components. All graduates from our 48 credit program will be fully equipped for Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) PK-12 School Counseling Certification, which enables them to practice in public schools, Christian schools, or other privatized institutions of primary and secondary education.

Distinct from local and regional faith‐based graduate programs in Professional School Counseling, the PSC Program at Capital is designed after the ASCA (American School Counselors Association) Model with an emphasis on collaboration and data-driven practice. Throughout the program, students receive training in a number of “soft” therapeutic skills to supplement their educational knowledge, which enhances their future work with students who increasingly need the counsel of an empathetic, compassionate adult. As faculty, we are ethically and personally committed to helping students accurately understand themselves, in order to then be able to understand and serve their clients. Owing to the aforementioned unique programmatic facets, current students and alumni are quick to voice the convenience and scholarly reputation of the program.

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Mr. Thomas F. Starr, MS, LPC

As a PA certified School Counselor Mr. Starr holds a very high regard for the role and responsibility that a School Counselor can play in the life of a student. Mr. Starr initially started his career with a degree in Sociology and Youth Ministry. As a professional School Counselor for 8 years Mr. Starr enjoyed the responsibility of meeting the needs of the students on his case load. In an effort to further his understanding of the educational environment her pursued a degree in Elementary Education (K-6), Special Education (K-12) and certifications in Middle School Math and English. Currently Mr. Starr is continuing his education in a PhD program in Counselor Education through Regent University. Mr. Starr has a unique blend of practical and creative ways School Counselor can meet the ever changing needs of today’s student. Mr. Starr has been married for 21 years; he and his wife have two children.

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