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LBC Radio

The Lancaster Bible College radio station helps develop practical skills and cultivate hands-on learning experiences for our college students. The student-run radio station is hosted on LBC’s website and can be streamed from almost anywhere in the world. It features a wide variety of contemporary Christian music, courtesy of local Christian music station WJTL, which plays between the student-produced radio broadcasts. The on-air setup is also modeled after WJTL’s studio in nearby Manheim, Pa., and has the ability to broadcast over WJTL’s airwaves for special occasions.

Radio broadcasting is one of several ways Communication majors can enhance their skills. “Whether students are interested in pursuing a career in radio or not, there are many practical skills that are developed through their time on air,” said Dr. Michael Freeman, Director of the Communication Major. “Students learn valuable skills in interviewing, public speaking, communication technology, FCC rules and regulations, scheduling, and marketing and promotion of their shows, just to name a few.”

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Daily Programs



1-2 p.m.

A radio show hosted every Monday including campus news and updates, fun conversations with guests, and things you should know as an LBC student.


Ben Cleck



Katie Black, Emma McMurray, Faith Crawford


The Charge N Go Morning Show

Alex Platt


What a Character!

Jay Story, Carina Bruno, Naomi Torres


Novels, Journals and Critiques

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About LBC | Capital's Communication Major

Want to learn the fundamentals of strong writing, the basics of radio broadcasting, the keys of good journalism and an introduction to video production? That’s just a start to all you’ll learn and experience as a Communication student.

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