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Think communication is just about talking? Think again. It encompasses so many areas, like journalism, public relations, broadcasting, advertising, marketing and ministry. In our increasingly media-first culture, we need Christians embedded in these fields and careers to share the love of the greatest communicator of all: Jesus Christ.

If you can’t seem to follow enough news outlets on Twitter, listen to the radio and podcasts incessantly, love to analyze commercials, or appreciate good storytelling and the written word, this just might be the right major for you. Plus, there are so many careers in communications.

Our communication major will teach you the fundamentals of strong writing, the basics of radio broadcasting in our in-house radio station (an exact replica of local Christian radio station WJTL’s setup), introduce you to the world of video production and let you dip your toes into the waters of journalism with our student-run newspaper – and that’s just the beginning.

Built on a firm foundation of media ethics, theory and practice and Bible classes that teach a solid biblical worldview, students who complete this program will earn a Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in both communication and biblical studies.

Why Study Communication at LBC?

  • Get a literal hands-on experience in the industry in our brand-new radio station, WJTL Studio B, and in our video production suite that houses state-of-the-art technology.
  • Students earn real-world experience in the industry through internships in a variety of settings.
  • Come and learn from the best – experienced professionals with backgrounds in broadcast, journalism, advertising and more.
  • Earn your communication and Bible degree from an accredited Bible college in PA.
  • Study at a college that the Wall Street Journal ranked 3rd in the nation for career preparation in 2018.

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Your Journey

Program Credits: 128

Locations: Lancaster


Bachelor of Arts with majors in Communication and Biblical Studies


Here are some examples of internships completed by students in the past:

  • Public Relations Intern at an Advertising Agency
  • Corporate Communications Intern
  • Staff Writer for a Local Newspaper
  • Marketing Intern for Non-Profit


  • Traditional
  • Online & Evening (Adult Education)
  • Available as Minor

“For the word of God is living and active …” – Hebrews 4:12a

A Closer Look: Communications

A Closer Look: Communications

Hear what Communication majors have to say about this program.

Meet the Faculty

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Michael Freeman, DEd

Professor, Communication Program Director

“The mass media create culture-shaping conversations. I help my students hone their professional and spiritual gifts to lead those conversations.” – Dr. Freeman

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Ryan Geesaman, MS

Assistant Professor, Chair of the Communication & Media Arts Department

“When you take all of your skill and combine it with all of your available resources, the result is excellence. Our goal is to develop your skill and increase your access to resources so that you can be excellent in your field.” – Mr. Geesaman

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Mike Barker, BFA

Adjunct Faculty

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Shelby Bowers, MS

Adjunct Faculty

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Ned Bustard

Adjunct Faculty

“People like to talk about “having a muse” or “the creative spark.” I don’t buy it. Good design is work–like plumbing is work. You show up, learn the skills, and get the job done.” – Mr. Bustard

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Kristi Leigh, BA

Adjunct Faculty

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Jessica Whitmore, MA

Adjunct Faculty

“The career paths within the communication field are endless and exciting for students today. My goal is to help prepare these students to successfully create, direct and implement initiatives and projects as they communicate on behalf of media outlets, companies, organizations, churches and especially themselves.” — Mrs. Whitmore

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Thom Scott

Faculty, Communication

Too often, Christians play “defense” in secular professions by focusing on what they ought not do. I want to inspire and equip students to lead by actively and creatively bringing the Kingdom of God into their workplace and infusing it with God’s love, joy, and excellence!

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Sample Course Outline

COM 102 – Introduction to Communication

This course will introduce students to the field of communication. Students will be exposed to the landmarks in communication history and be introduced to the basics of communication theory. Additionally, students will explore a range of career options within the field.

COM 202 – Principles and Practices

This course will provide students with techniques for criticism, analysis, and interpretation of communication messages. Also, the elements of a specific communication emphasis, regarding its history, appreciation and impact, will be investigated. This course will address the relationship between the impact of a biblical worldview and the development of a communication field. Finally, students will be introduced to standard industry practices of their field.

COM 201 – Communication Ethics

This course will explore the process of ethical decision making. A variety of ethical typologies will be explored for the purpose of describing motivating factors from both a Christian and secular worldview. A variety of ethical issues inherent in communication will be discussed. Finally, professional codes of ethics and communication law will be surveyed.

COM 320 – Survey of Marketing

This course will survey the history, key theories, core knowledge (concepts and terminology), and underling philosophies of marketing. Best practices, strategies, ethical and legal issues related to both advertising and public relations will be addressed through a biblical worldview. Persuasive skills informed by market analysis will be employed in the creation of a marketing strategy and campaign.

COM 325 – Broadcast News Writing

This course is designed to prepare students for the broadcast media industry. The course focuses on news writing for television and radio stations, including an introduction to the on-camera aspect of broadcast media. Analysis of current broadcasting and acquiring the skills to write by broadcast news industry standards and to communicate using professional terminology are the central foci of the course.

COM 340 – Writing on Social Issues

This course is designed to prepare students for the broadcast media industry. The course focuses on news writing for television and radio stations, including an introduction to the on-camera aspect of broadcast media. Analysis of current broadcasting and acquiring the skills to write by broadcast news industry standards and to communicate using professional terminology are the central foci of the course.

COM 400 – Cross-cultural Experience

This course is an approved life experience, designed to challenge and broaden the worldview of students, by placing them in a context that is in contrast to their native culture. Students are exposed to the complexity of cross-cultural communication through an immersive cross-cultural experience. The student will experience firsthand the complexities of communicating within another culture and ethically engage cross-cultural communication issues as they arise.

COM 450 – Communication Internship

This course immerses students in a pre-professional experience that allows them to practice and further develop the skills taught in the major. Students will be placed in their field of interest to prepare them for a career in communication. Students will improve communication skills, develop an understanding of the specific communication field, and begin the professional networking needed to become successful in the workplace. Students, under the supervision of both a qualified professional (onsite supervisor) and the internship professor, will complete, track, and reflect on 120 hours of communication field-specific work.

A Closer Look: Communication & Media Arts Alumni

A Closer Look: Communication Alumni

Featured Alumna: Evelyn Stauffer (’14)

Evelyn is a graduate of our communication program and now serves as the Deputy Press Secretary for a major U.S. government agency. Read her story here.

See Examples of Our Students’ Work

Careers and Jobs in Communication

  • Communication Director
  • Communications Professional
  • Journalist
  • Marketing Professional
  • Publication Copywriter
  • Post-Production News Media
  • Reporter
  • Public Relations Professional
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Radio Broadcasting
  • Social Media Manager
  • Web Content Manager

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