Biblical Studies Degree

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies (BABS)



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16 weeks (semester)

Delivery Method

Traditional On Campus, Lancaster

Study Biblical Studies at LBC | Capital

If you’re longing to dig deeper into the Scriptures, have a hunger to know Jesus more intimately and desire to serve Him in a broad range of ministries, consider pursuing biblical studies at Lancaster Bible College.

With LBC’s flexible biblical studies major, you’ll become rooted in the truth and authority of the Scriptures through challenging Bible classes taught by professors with many years of ministry and education experience. Students in our bachelor’s degree program in Bible can also choose a minor area of study to equip you with real-world skills for life and ministry after LBC.

You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to put your classroom knowledge into practice in a professional setting through the major’s internship and practicum requirements. Plus, the biblical studies major gives you the flexibility to select 40 credits from any professional department – allowing you to mix and match courses for training in various types of ministry.

If you’re ready to learn more about God, yourself and His plan for your life, explore the biblical studies major at LBC.

Where LBC Students Have Interned

  • Churches
  • Nonprofits
  • Ministries
  • Youth Centers

Can I Transfer Credits?

Yes! Read about LBC’s transfer policy.

Other Program Selections

Bachelor’s/Master’s (4+1)
Associate of Science (ASBA) – 61 credits
Minors: Greek, Hebrew, Theology – 12 credits

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Biblical Studies Program Scope

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies (BABS) (121 Credits)

LBC Foundations 4 Credits

Bible & Theology Core 30 Credits

Arts & Sciences Core 31 Credits

Major Core 41 Credits

Exploration Studies 15 Credits

View the Academic Catalog for the complete curriculum plan, course descriptions and program details.

A biblical studies alumni.
Does Biblical Education Matter?

Here’s why LBC’s alumni and students – who serve as a Deputy Press Secretary, the 2016 PA Teacher of Year and in so many other roles, both big and small – believe it does.

What makes the LBC Biblical Studies program unique?
  • Earn your degree in either a four-year bachelor’s degree track or two-year associate degree track.
  • This major is especially valuable for transfer students from accredited and non-accredited higher education institutions.
  • Choose from earning your degree on campus for a traditional undergraduate experience or earn a Bible degree completely online.
Career Paths for a Biblical Studies Degree

The Biblical Studies bachelor’s degree prepares students for a wide range of technical and/or ministry contexts. Here is a sampling of careers and opportunities this degree affords:

  • Ministry Director
  • Foreign or Domestic Missionary
  • Chaplain
  • Youth Pastor
Biblical Studies Program Goals – In this program, students will…
  • Evidence a solid overview of ministry in conjunction with their biblical studies major.
  • Articulate their personal philosophy of ministry in accord with a biblical worldview.
  • Demonstrate godly character within the framework of a servant style of leadership.
Core Courses in the Biblical Studies Program
  • BTH 101 Invitation to Biblical and Theological Studies (3)
  • BIB 103 Creation & Covenants: OT I (3)
  • BIB 104 Israel’s Life and Literature: OT II (3)
  • BIB 110 Hermeneutics (3)
  • BIB 203 Life of Christ: NT I (3)
  • BIB 204 Early Church: NT II (3)
  • BIB 210 Advanced Hermeneutics (3)
  • BSI 301 Biblical Studies Internship (Christian Service Comp.) (1)
  • BSI 400 Cross Cultural Experience (0)
  • BSI 401 Biblical Studies Internship (1)
  • BOT/BNT Exegetical Elective (3)
  • BTH 405 Teaching the Bible (3)
  • BTH 450 Senior Seminar (3)
  • THE 223 Christian Narrative I: Creation & Fall (3)
  • THE 224 Christian Narrative II: Redemption & Consummation (3)
  • THE 300/400 Theology Elective (3)
  • THE 320 Christianity & Culture (3)
  • THE 340 Ancient & Medieval Church & Theology (3)
  • THE 341 Reformation & Modern Church & Theology (3)
  • Biblical Studies Electives (15)
  • Biblical Language Elective (Greek or Hebrew) (6)

Bachelor + Master Options in Biblical Studies

LBC | Capital’s unique 4+1 program provides students the opportunity to earn their undergraduate BA degree in Biblical Studies while also pursuing a Master of Arts either in Ministry (MAM) or Biblical Studies (MABS). A student can experience all the benefits of dynamic undergraduate student life all five years while maximize your time in college and minimize the cost of your education without sacrificing the quality of your experience. Graduate-level courses taken during undergraduate studies fulfill both undergraduate elective requirements and graduate program requirements.  In the 4+1 program, students are dual-enrolled in LBC and Capital Seminary & Graduate School.

A student may opt for the 4+1 track at any point up through the beginning of their junior year. Before a student is formally admitted to the track, an evaluation will be conducted by their academic advisor. The evaluation considers the student’s previous academic performance, character and ability, and the recommendation of another LBC faculty member. Students that complete the 4+1 program can start their professional career sooner with the right credentials.

Meet the Biblical Studies Faculty

Gordon Gregory, DTh
Professor of Bible & Theology, Faculty Athletic Representative
Samuel Harbin, DMin
Professor, Chair of Bible & Theology Department
Daniel Carver, PhD
Associate Professor, Old Testament in Bible & Theology
Mark Farnham, PhD
Professor, MA in Christian Apologetics Program Director
Douglas Finkbeiner, PhD
Professor and MABS Director
Joe Kim, PhD
Professor of Bible & Theology
Timothy Nicholls, PhD
Professor of Bible & Theology
Tony Shetter, PhD
Associate Professor, Associate Chair of Bible & Theology

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Other Biblical Studies Program Options

Associate in Biblical Studies Degree Program Scope
LBC Foundations 4
Bible & Theology Core 15
Arts & Sciences Core 15
Major Courses 21
Exploration Studies Electives 6
Total 61

View the Academic Catalog for the complete curriculum plan, course descriptions and program details.

Biblical Greek Minor with Biblical Studies

(12 credits)

  • LAN 211 Greek Grammar I (3)
  • LAN 212 Greek Grammar II (3)
  • BNT 320 Greek Exegesis I (3)
  • BNT 321 Greek Exegesis II (3)

View the Academic Catalog for details.

Biblical Hebrew Minor with Biblical Studies

(12 credits)

  • LAN 216 Elementary Hebrew I (3)
  • LAN 217 Elementary Hebrew II (3)
  • BOT 320 Hebrew Exegesis I (3)
  • BOT 321 Hebrew Exegesis II (3)

View the Academic Catalog for details.

Theology Minor with Biblical Studies

(12 credits)

  • THE 307 Reading Theological Classics (3)
  • THE ___  Selected Topics in Theology (3)
  • THE ___  Theology Focused Elective (3)
  • THE 308 Theological Methods (3)

View the Academic Catalog for details.

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